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Wellness by HealthAndYoga

Improve your sleep, Relieve muscle stiffness, No more Backaches, Feel refreshed.

Wellness is state , when one feels a sense of well-being- physically, mentally and emotionally. It is an active process, where one needs to work continually towards a healthy lifestyle. HealthAndYoga has been a part of the wellness industry for a long time and wants to offer the modern man a holistic approach towards better health.

A healthy body affects the mind positively, further improving one's professional, personal  and  social life. Our bodies have the natural mechanism of detoxification to maintain a healthy balance. But sometimes our erratic eating routines, alcohol, sleep deprivation and stress disrupt this balance resulting in undefined pains, tightness of muscles, dark circles, backaches and general state of stress and uneasiness. 

We can help ourselves regain a healthy balance by taking out few minutes and treat our bodies with HealthAndYoga Wellness Products. Tools like Thera Press Massager, Roller and Gua Sha are useful for self massage without much effort. Vatki used to massage soles of the feet draws out toxins from the body and improves sleep. Give yourself a quick soothing massages on the neck , shoulders, back or feet. Massaging the body helps to increase blood circulation and drain the lymphatic system , which further helps to eliminate toxins from the body and makes one feel lighter and relaxed.

Eye cleansing and Tongue cleansing are also good ways to remove toxins and achieve a sense of well being and freshness. 


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