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Wrapping Body Roller Massager

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  • DIY massage tool that helps to reduce pain from the neck region, cervical, back and shoulder blades. Can be used for a full body massage.
  • Can be easily rolled and glided over the body to provide vibratory stimulation to tired muscles, without damaging the skin. Best way to get a back massage without depending on anyone.
  • Has 20 star shaped wheels with 6 pellets each, that are connected with flexible joints. The movement of these wheels over the body provides a deep relaxing effect to the muscles. It helps in reducing tiredness and stiffness of muscles and joints, soothe calf muscles cramps, reduce flabbiness of the belly and improves breast firmness.
  • Ergonomically designed with freely movable joints that fit around any body part for effective massage. Has a robust and flexible cord on either end, that can be nicely wrapped around fingers or hand for a firm grip to provide more pressure to the muscles with less effort.
  • Made from PVC. It is durable and long lasting. Product length- 52.5 cm, can be carried and used anywhere; Good post-workout tool for athletes and gym goers. Suitable for all age groups.
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Wrap around massage for the whole body
This majestic and robust full body massager is the complete solution for your tired and fatigued muscles and tissues. It has been ergonomically designed to hug the body contours for thorough deep relaxation. It is made of highh quality PVC, which is durable and long-lasting. Unlike other heavy massagers, it is light in weight making it an ideal companion to be carried anywhere. This handheld massage tool is bendable and flexible and can reach all corners of the body.

It is equipped with 10 Star shaped wheels on either side with free flowing joints and each wheel has 6 massage pellets that exert gradual yet gentle pressure on the pressure points. These pellets work without rupturing the skin and at the same time provide stimulation to the deep tissues and tired muscles. To ensure an effortless experience sturdy and flexible cords are provided on either ends, which can be wrapped around the fingers or hand for a comfortable grip.

This Full Body Muscles and Deep Tissue Stimulating Acupressure Massager helps to get rid of the agonising neck and cervical pain. It is also beneficial in relieving pain from fatigued shoulder blades and back muscles, after a heavy duty weights and cardio workout. This acupressure massage tool helps to soothe tired muscles and provide relief to cramps in the calves. Recommended as a post-workout tool for athletes and gym goers.

This massager can be also be used as a beauty hacking device to tone up the body. It helps to manage flabbiness of the belly and firm up the breasts.

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