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Baby Head Shaping Pillow Case

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  • Babies are born with soft skulls to facilitate their passage through the birth canal. It can take 9-18 months before a baby's skull is fully formed. Due to lying in one position the baby’s head can flatten. To prevent this mustard seed pillows have been recommended since ages to make the baby's head round and shapely.
  • Pillow can be filled with the tiny looking mustard seeds, that move and take shape as per how the baby moves, preventing a flat spot on the pillow. So everytime when you move the baby's head the pillow moulds itself around the baby's head giving a nice round shape to the infant's head.
  • Inner bag- 100% Pure Cotton to hold mustard seeds and
    Outer pillow cover- with velvet soft finish and covered zipper for baby's comfort.
  • Circular in shape, without any sharp seams or pointed edges.
    Zip is strategically placed in the middle to avoid any poking to the baby.
  • Pillow cover – 22 cms ; The pillow also helps relieve pressure off the baby's head. It is easy to clean, just slide open the zip of the cover and the pillow, wash and refill.
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For round and shapely baby head
Mustard seed filled pillows have been used since ancient times , to give the babies a well rounded and shapely head. They protect babies from flat head syndrome.

H&Y brings this 2 layered- pillow case which is completely safe for babies. Two separate layers ensure that the filling does not leak out of the pillow, making it mess free and safe for baby's use. Both cases are circular in shape without any pointed edges, for baby's safety. The pillow allows the seeds to naturally adjust to the weight and size of the baby's head , as well as properly support their shoulders.

The Inner pillow bag is also made of 100% breathable and washable cotton. It is where you fill the mustard seeds.
The Outer Pillow Cover is a soft and attractive cover that is free from any harmful dye. It is hypo-allergenic , free from any unpleasant smell and safe for baby's sensitive skin.

Both the pillow cover and inner bag have a centrally placed zipper to ensure easy filling, adjustment and removal of the seeds. The zipper in the outer pillow is covered properly with the fabric to prevent any scratches or rashes to the baby. The zipper is a durable one with strong teeth to provide a smooth movement.

The baby might regurgigate milk or drool, making it necessary to regularly wash the pillow cases. H&Y Baby Pillow case is very easy to maintain, takes only a few minutes to wash and make it bacteria free. You just have to open the zip, empty out the mustard seeds and wash both the covers or maybe just the outer cover ( no need of emptying the seeds then). The seeds can be kept in the sun, once in a while to remove any bacteria. Make sure to use a baby friendly detergent. FLAX SEEDS OR MUSTARD SEEDS NOT INCLUDED.

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  • It is light in weight and can be carried anywhere in a stroller, crib, or even car seats. Keep your baby comfortable and happy wherever you go.
  • You can buy around half kilogram of mustard seeds, to fill the pillow. Adjust the amount as per your baby's requirement.
  • Inner Pillow Bag- 63 cm ; Outer Pillow cover– 64 cm
  • Always be careful, of any kind of soft pillow or loose bedding below the baby's head, as it can obstruct the infant airway and pose a suffocation risk. Use under supervision.
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