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Baby Sheet

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  • Give your baby a much needed comfortable and snug sleep, ideal for his healthy development. Wet bed makes the baby cranky and can lead to skin rashes. Avoid this using these revolutionary laminated fleece sheets.
  • Laminated Sheet made of two layers-
    Top layer- made of Knitted polar fleece fabric (230 gsm) to keep baby dry.
    Bottom layer- made of TPU membrane to keep bedding dry.
  • Sheet can hold liquid up to 8 times of its weight, allowing the baby to stay comfortable even after having urinated.
  • The skin-friendly fleece fabric continues to give the baby dry and comfortable feel as it absorbs all the liquid. TPU waterproof membrane does not allow any liquid to seep through into the bedding, protecting it from getting wet, smelly and soiled.
  • The sheet inhibits pungent stink, and makes cleaning up very convenient. Easy to wash and dries up very fast. Cost effective. Sizes available.
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2-layered with skin-friendly fleece and TPU backing.
A healthy and uninterrupted sleep aids healthy growth and development in babies. A baby can sleep peacefully and comfortably only when it feels dry and warm. During sleep, when the baby wets himself and stays in a wet puddle , he gets disturbed due to cold and irritation. This leads to a disturbed and incomplete sleep. To give your baby , a sound sleep it is important to give your baby the right kind of bedding and sheets.

Conventionally people use Rubber and plastic sheets to protect the linen and bedding from getting wet. But these products, even when used with cotton sheets can leave harsh marks and heat rashes on the delicate skin of babies.

To avoid this, H&Y brings this breathable baby sheet which is a revolutionary concept of laminated membrane fused with skin friendly polar fleece.It prevents baby pee from percolating into the bedding to maintain hygiene. The water-proof TPU breathable membrane is bonded to a very cosy fleece top fabric.

It is very easy to clean this sheet , and it dries rather quickly. This sheet is very cost effective. A perfect way to give your little baby a comfortable and cosy sleep.

Sizes available-

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  • Small Size - 70 X 50 (Centimeter)
  • Medium Size -100 X 70 (Centimeters)
  • Large Size - 140 X 100 (Centimetres)
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