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Bamboo Tongue Scraper with Guava Wood Handle

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  • Handcrafted organic bamboo tongue cleaner, made from pure and naturally grown bamboo and guava wood- 100% toxin-free, no chemicals used, BPA free; no damage to nature - completely biodegradable.
  • Head or scraping area made from fine bamboo, handle made from guava wood- loaded with natural properties for that perfect oral care.
  • Gratifying combination of Ayurveda and oral health, unique and modern design for maximum surface coverage of the tongue- broader head or scraping area of the bamboo cleaner- smoothly drag out that grim tongue coat. Sterilize in warm water – germ-free every time.
  • Vertical grip – oriented for better grasping. Smooth anti-skid handle - comfortable one stroke movement. Universal shape tongue cleaner - ideal for all adult mouth size
  • Light in weight- easy to carry, durable- perfect for a long run. Product size- 18.5 cm; Head surface- 1 cm wide; Handle- 8.5 cm. Colour- natural wood.
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Oral hygiene not only prevents germ and plaque but also enhances your self-confidence by eliminating bad breath. Your oral care routine is incomplete without a gentle yet effective tongue scraper that can easily remove germ and white coat. There are many tongue cleaners but very few are natural. Keeping the environment safe, this organic tongue cleaner is completely safe and toxin-free. Being made from naturally grown pure bamboo and guava wood, this tongue is loaded with health benefiting properties.

Unlike plastic ones, these handcrafted organic bamboo tongue cleaners are 100% BPA free. With no chemicals used in their manufacturing, they are safe and are the right choice for your oral health. Recommended by dentists as the best oral care supplement,these scrapers effectively removethe white coat and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. Moving the extra mile, this HealthandYoga product is completely biodegradable- ensuring that the environment is not polluted.

The head or the scraping area of this eco-friendly Bamboo Tongue Cleaner is made from the finest bamboo wood. To ensure perfect oral care, the handle of this organic tongue cleaner is made from guava wood which is loaded with antibacterial properties. The gratifying combination of Ayurveda and oral health give this bamboo tongue cleaner a unique and modern design; this tongue cleaner is a must in your organic oral health kit.

For maximum surface coverage of the tongue, the head or the scraping area is broader, helps clean the tongue smoothly. It drags out that grim tongue coat in just a few movements. For maximum safety from germs, sterilize it in warm water every time you use it. The guava wood handle gives you a vertical design, oriented for better grasping with a single hand grip. The wood despite being smooth has an anti-skid grip making your movement comfortable and easy. With no sharp edges and universal shape, this tongue cleaner is ideal for all adult mouth sizes. The lightweight and durability of the wood make it an ideal product to travel with.

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