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Clavicle Brace Support

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  • Adjustable, comfortable, soft cushion PU foam padded straps for all day comfort.
  • Sleek design to immobilize, compress and stabilize fractures involving the Clavicle Bone.
  • Very helpful for people with hump back and stooping shoulders as a result of bad posture.
  • Comfortable high quality Velcro is used instead of buckleto avoid irritating biting at back.
  • Reverse Buckle and Hook loop for flexibility.
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The clavicle bone (collar bone) is the longest horizontal bone that connects the chest plates and the shoulder on each side of the body. It holds the clavicle in the correct alignment by forcing the shoulders into a retracted position. Clavicle fracture is a very common fracture that occurs in people of all ages. These are often caused by a direct blow to the shoulder. This can happen during a fall onto the shoulder or a car collision. A fall onto an outstretched arm can also cause a clavicle fracture.

The clavicle Brace support is ideal for clavicle fractures and postural problems.It looks like digit 8 when worn from the back so that it is also known as Figure 8 brace. The elastic nature of raw materials (Polyurethane, Polyamide, Polyester, Polypropylene) used allows the body to breathe freely with the brace worn. It is constructed to provide lateral compression to the fractured clavicle bone, which gives a traction force which ensures linear union of the clavicle bone. Adjustable straps and special stainless steel claw buckles help to get a very strong fitting of the brace around the clavicle region and prevent its loosening.

Doctors generally recommend this product to cure clavicle fractures. It is advised to use this product under strict guidance of a qualified doctor. It should be used where neither neurovascular disturbances are severe nor where surgery is required. If pain persists or pain increases, look for over - tightening and consult your doctor.

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