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Complete Baby Oral Care Kit With Teething Necklace

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World wide Reviews of

Complete Baby Oral Care Kit With Teething Necklace

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  • Useful Gift for Babies:Silicone Baby Tooth Brush,tongue cleaner & Teething Necklace
  • Finger-wear tooth brush with soft bristles removes food particles from Baby’s teeth
  • Soft rubber ring of tongue cleaner removes bacterial coatings from baby’s tongue safely
  • Spongy beads of Teething necklace soothe baby’s itchy gums;Non toxic; No sharp edges
  • Highly hygienic Kit; Suitable for babies of 1 to 2 years, 100% Safe for babies teeth & gums
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  • US$ 16.95


Baby Oral Care Kit is carefully designed considering infant state as their teeth start growing: The itchiness and discomfort they feel with their growing teeth; and later, the cleaning of teeth and mouth as they start eating.

To soothe itchy gums, this rainbow color, bright and eye-catching teething necklace is very useful. It is very attractive for babies. They get busy playing with it and chewing upon it which eventually help mothers in nursing them too. It is extremely safe to chew being made of food grade silicone. Also, it is completely non-toxic and Latex free which keeps away health concerns on this count.

Finger shape tooth brush is made of silicone and very comfortable for parents to brush baby’s teeth wearing it. It has super soft bristles which do not exert any pressure on babies’ teeth and keep their delicate mouth nicks and cuts free. It comes with a plastic casing to keep it clean and dirt free.

Silicone tongue cleaner is a unique product with a soft rubber ring which cleans the residues of milk and bacterial coatings from babies’ tongue. Tongue cleaner has a comfortable holding grip with anti slide snail rings made of Polypropylene. Parents can easily use it on baby’s tongue by gently dragging it on. Its length is approx 4 inches and weight is 8 grams. The color of the cleaner may vary.

This kit can be a wonderful and wise gift for babies. This kit is completely hygienic and 100% safe for babies. It is suitable for babies from approx 1 to 2 years. All the utilities are sterilizable in warm water and are easy to clean.

Always rinse the items carefully before and after using.

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