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Dynamic Frog Splint

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  • New and improved design; Made from malleable aluminum and foam ; Durable and comfortable.
  • Reduces finger joint pain and chances of aggravating the fracture or injury.
  • Anatomic design that fits comfortably; Allows ventilation; Easy to wear or remove.
  • Sleek, simple, light-weight and aesthetically pleasing; Suitable for post-surgical care.
  • Available in three different sizes-
    Small (below 2 inches), Medium (2-3 inches) and Large (3-4 inches).
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Heal and Align Finger Joints
For faster recovery of distal finger joints (the first knuckle from top), one must keep the finger in a straight position with optimal functioning. HealthAndYoga Dynamic Frog Splint does just that. It has been designed to provide the required alignment to the inter-phalangeal finger joints. Frog Splint provides the required amount of therapeutic pressure and orthopedic support to realign the finger joint.

The splint helps in reducing finger pain. It keeps the phalangeal joints in position thus preventing any chance of aggravating the injury or fracture or further damage to the blood vessels and nerves. It is also helpful in Hyper-flexion injuries.

HealthAndYoga Dynamic Frog Splint’s new and improved design has malleable aluminium arms that can be folded to grip the finger in desired position and allow optimal mobility. It is durable, robust and has a comfortable and high-quality polyethylene foam padding that ensures a snug and firm fit. This polyethylene based hypoallergenic ethafoam padding, can be washed easily.

The splint is light-weight and aesthetically pleasing. It has a sleek and simple anatomic design which is easy to wear and remove. It keeps the finger comfortable and well ventilated. Thus, the frog splint protects, supports, immobilizes and stabilizes the fractures or injuries of phalanges of the distal finger, to aid in faster recovery.

Its use is widely recommended by Orthopedics in collateral ligament injuries and hyper-flexion injuries of distal inter-phalangeal joint. It is also useful in rehabilitation after burns to avoid contractures and post-surgical care.

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  • The splint comes in three different sizes; Small (below 2 inches), Medium-(2-3 inches) and Large (3-4 inches).
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