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Essential Oils (Gift Box of 6)

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  • 6 mesmerizing fragrances, each made from natural plant and flower extracts: pure aroma range of essential oils - Lemongrass, Orange, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and White Oudh.
  • Essential Oil best used for home cleansing, Massage, Candle, cosmetic and Soap Making, Aroma Diffusers, Floor Cleaners; cost-effective pure oils for Bath, Hair and Skin Treatment, Room Spray, Body and mind Therapies, relaxing inhalation
  • To benefit skin and hair, mix a few drops to carrier oils or natural oils – do not apply directly on the skin or scalp.
  • Add a few drops in the oil burner or air diffuser and relieve stress; it helps concentrate in positivity during yoga and meditation.
  • Box of 6 different essence- 10 ml. each essence - perfect gift for any occasion.
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This is the perfect gift box you can give to your loved ones. The 6 mesmerizing fragrances, made from natural extracts of plant and flower, add a never-ending charm to your home interior. The pure aroma of these deep healing essential oils consists of Lemongrass, Orange, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and White Oudh essence.

These body massage essential oils are best used for home cleansing, body massage, candle, cosmetic and soap making, aroma diffusers, and floor cleaners. Our collective range of essential oils is pure in nature and cost-effective. They can also be used as bath oils for hair and skin treatment, room spray, body and mind therapies, and relaxing inhalation.

To benefit the skin pores and a healthy scalp, just add a few drops to carrier oils or natural oils. Note- do not apply directly to the skin or scalp.

The high concentration of the oils makes them long-lasting. Just add in a few drops in the oil burner or air diffuser and relieve stress. Suggestible to use while meditation to evoke positivity. This box of 6 different essences is the perfect gift for any occasion

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