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Fabric Cooling Ice Bag

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  • Get relief from pain, swelling, muscles aches and sprains. Fill bag with ice cubes to get immediate relief from injuries and sprains.
  • 9” diameter ; Has an extra wide opening for filling ice cubes; Has an easy to use leak proof screw lid.
  • Made of fine skin friendly and odourless fabric with a beautiful print.
  • Very useful as a cold pack to control high fever. Provides relief for headaches and migraines.
  • Useful in physiotherapy exercises. Stays cool for almost an hour.
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Cooling Bag - First Aid for swelling, Bumps and Aches.

Convenient way of doing Cold Therapy. It is an important first-aid device, made of skin- friendly fabric with a beautiful printing and design. It comes with a plastic lid, easy to open and close, can be carried while travelling.

Cooling is helpful in many health conditions. It gives immediate relief from pain following an injury, sprain or strain. It reduces internal bleeding which prevents blood clotting thus helps in early recovery.

Useful for the whole family especially for children suffering from fever. High fever can be controlled using a cooling ice bag. Medically recommended for the patients who are doing exercises in Physiotherapy for better results.

It is non-messy, and you don't have to worry about melting ice and dripping water. It is a leak-proof bag which provides coolness enough for one cold therapy session. It is good quality bag that can easily be used by children, for small injuries or bumps.

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