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Feet Healing Care Kit

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

Feet Healing Care Kit

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  • Includes Acupressure Slipper's that providestimulating pressure points on the sole.
  • Also includes toe separators to stretch out the toes to relieve footwear stress.
  • Plastic mould that makes slippers washable and wearable almost anywhere including beach.
  • Slippers (Size: Medium) available in Lightweight with attractive color options.
  • Gel Toe separators made of stretchable TPR and flexible gel to relax with a therapeutic stretch.
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  • US$ 14.95


Acupressure is the science of applying light pressure on certain areas or points on the body that correspond to various organs and muscles. It not only unblocks the areas causing diseases but also helps the body to function optimally. Acupressure slippers are slippers in which the soles have raised portions that help apply pressure to the instep thus helping in relieving pain and preventing foot-related problems.

Toe Separators lift and spread the toes, stretching muscles in the foot .This stimulation increases blood flow and strengthens muscle connections. Foot pain caused by overuse, tight shoes, mild corns or small bunions can be helped by Yoga Gel Toe Separators. They also reverse the effects of poor circulation, uncomfortable shoes and misalignment.

They both together work miraculously for foot. After a long day wearing heels and uncomfortable footwear, this combo can be a perfect cure for the pain and a long term corrective path for foot health

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Acupressure Slippers - Size

  • Small Size - women’s size (US) of about 5-6
  • Medium Size - women’s size (US) of approx 7-8.5
  • Large Size - women’s size (US) of about 8.5-10
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