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GoSeva Incense Cones

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World wide Reviews of

GoSeva Incense Cones

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  • Chemical –free incense cones. Purifying – elements of yajna
  • No artificial fragrances OR coal
  • Unique smell – of Hindu Fire Ceremonies (Yajna)
  • Believed to have medicinal effects
  • Effective insect and mosquito repellent
  • Quantity

  • US$ 5.95


Most incense cones employ the use of chemicals and artificial fragrances. This not only causes an artificial freshness but also results in toxic fumes that can cause heaviness and headaches.

Incense must be purifying.

The use of Cow Panchagavya or the 5 elements from the native cow are known to have deep medicinal benefits. The GoSeva Incense cones are made without the use of chemicals. They are made combining elements of cow panchgavya - cow dung, pure cow ghee (clarified butter) with classical pure herbs to give a remarkably mild and purifying incense.

It is made of the same elements that are used in yajna or the sacred fire ceremonies. Not only does this incense purify the air around but also disinfects the surroundings. It can be used a very effective insect and mosquito repellent

Unlike any other incenses which are polluting and create harmful smoke, the smoke created by this incense cone is purifying and is believed to increase oxygen and favorable ions in the atmosphere around.

This incense will induce peace and balance the conflicting energies within.


Light an incense cone on one end. Let the flame burn for a few seconds and when it is burning brightly, blow it out. Place it upright with the unused part on cone holder or plate. The cone will gradually smoke itself out

You can sprinkle the left over ash on your flower bed or soil if you grow vegetables – serves as an excellent natural manure.

Packing: 1 box contains 12 pcs. Each cone burns for approx 30 mins.

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  • 7/25/2020 12:12:53 PM

    Bangalore , India

    Review not Provided.

  • 1/6/2017 5:35:32 PM

    Navi Mumbai , India

    Everything is very good about H&Y, but only problem I face for each order is in the site when I do order tracking and enter my details, it always shows some error. Even 2 days after the order and even now when I have received the package. Always have to call and follow up for tracking no. Even if sending out the package and getting a tracking no. takes some time, the same can be communicated in that page.

  • 5/22/2016 5:11:58 AM

    Brandon , United States

    I love your high quality product,Thank you very mach! Very fast delivery.Will buy again.


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