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GuardNHeal Full Finger Splint

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World wide Reviews of

GuardNHeal Full Finger Splint

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  • One size-fits all product. It can be worn on any finger- index, middle, ring, small finger or the thumb.
    Can be used for both hands.
  • Fracture and injury aid for the finger. Helps in alleviating finger pain due to locking, popping, bending, swelling, soreness or stiffness.
  • Has a removable Aluminium Metal Strip that can be removed or kept depending on the injury.
    The metal strip can be bent to a desired angle for comfort and a perfect fit.
  • Velcro adhesive tapes hold the splint in place, providing a good grip and comfort to the finger all day.
    Splint immobilises the finger and prevents movement thus aiding faster recovery and pain reduction.
  • Breathable material made of 68% nylon, 32% neoprene. Color- Black. Unisex.
    Universal Size - Approx. 3.5 inches x 4.5 inches. Package includes: 1pcs
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Injury aid for finger support.
Full finger splint has been designed to fit any sized finger or thumb, to provide support and aid in faster healing of the injured digit. It is light in weight and is made of skin-friendly, breathable material for full day and night comfort.

The splint has a removable aluminium metal bar, that provides excellent and a firm support for the finger. The metal strip can be removed or bent depending on the nature of injury or finger size for additional support and comfort.

The adhesive velcro tape keeps the splint firmly in place, not allowing any movement, which may result in skin chaffing. They provide strong and secure fit, reducing slip and prevent bunching of splint material.

The splint can be easily adjusted to fit fingers of any width. It can also be used for children from 3 years upwards. This Full Finger Splint can be worn on any finger- index finger, middle, ring, little finger or thumb. Can be used for both hands. It is a unisex product.

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  • Has 1 removable aluminium strip for support.
  • Has 2 adhesive velcro straps for grip.
  • Made of breathable fabric for all day comfort.
  • Fits all from 3 years above.
  • Washable. Available in Black colour.
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