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GuardNHeal Shoulder and Arm Immobilizer Brace

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  • Made from Heavy robust quality breathable fabric- Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly; Moisture management fabric reduces sweat, quick-drying, and naturally cooling – best for every day and longtime wearing.
  • Durable Elastic torso girdle band- comfortable stretch for best fit; skillfully sewed with robust lockstitch technique - will not fray or snap; broad 5” padded cover-flexible and broad;
  • Easy Self-wear; Suitable for both Left or Right Shoulder; Adjustable Arm straps to grip varying bicep sizes at personal comfort positions; Adjustable Wrist Cuff to grip varying wrist sizes at the position most comfortable for you. Arm strap for humerus support; wrist strap for radio-ulna support.
  • Arm and wrist Grips ensure effective Shoulder and Arm immobilization through a comfort torso fit. Wide body strap for a comfort torso hold. Fully detachable – arm and cuff supports can be removed for doubling up just as a torso girdle support too
  • For Sizing – measure circumference around Diaphragm at bottom of rib cage (mid-torso); Available in 4 sizes - 22" - 26" , 27" - 33" , 34" - 39" , 40" - 44" Easy wash with detachable parts - light in weight; excellent immobilization; effective rehab for a broken arm, dislocation, shoulder pain, cracks; Unisex - suitable for both men and women
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This adjustable shoulder and arm immobilization brace is made from superb quality 100% pure cotton fabric that is skin-friendly and is breathable. The moisture management fabric reduces sweat, quick-drying, and naturally cools down. It is best for every day and longtime wearing. The brace has pushed elastic that is skillfully sewed with 5” padded cover for comfortable stretch for best fit, and the robust lockstitch technique makes it tolerant for long-term use. The elastic waistband is flexible and broad with a seam finish.

The adjustable straps ensure fit for slender or heavy body types and are comfortable to wear. This thoughtful and reversible design allows you to wear this brace on either the right or left shoulder. The waistband and arm strap are stitched on one end to avoid shoulder or arm movement. The arm strap supports humerus while the wrist strap stabilizes the radius-ulna. The broad nylon Velcro patches have the best hook and loop fastener design on waist, arm, and cuff bands for perfect fit and better hold. The closed-loop system provides adjustable and comfort torso compression and easily positioned.

The wrist loop support and the Arm band can be removed for lower arm movement. This also convert your brace into a torso or middle back support brace This comfortable and adjustable brace is washable and light in weight, perfect for immobilization. It is comfortable to wear and helps in the quick recovery of a broken arm, dislocation, shoulder pain, cracks.

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