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Hand and Foot Nerve Toning Kit

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  • Two toning balls - a soft gel ball for hand and a Gentle Spiky Acupressure ball for feet
  • The soft gel ball stretches, exercises and tones hand nerves and muscles
  • The spiky reflex ball induces acupressure, massages & tones feet nerves and muscles
  • Great for relaxing and rejuvenating stiff or stressed nerves
  • Gel Ball is 1.8 inch and Reflex Ball is 3.14 inch in diameter
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This Hand and foot nerve toning kit is the answer to all your complaints about cramps, aches and stiffness in feet and hand. It comes with a soft squishy gel ball that is squeezed to exercise and massage the hand nerves and muscles. The ball stretches and loosens stiff and stubborn muscles and improves the overall dexterity of your hand. While the reflex ball induces acupressure sensation all over your feet, that help in massaging as well as toning the foot nerves. The ball is slightly bigger than most balls and works as a perfect massaging tool.

Both these balls help in massaging and toning the muscles, by stretching them and applying adequate pressure on joints.

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