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Hand Strengthener and Exerciser - Set of 3

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  • Made from premium grade and eco-friendly silicone gel - latex free and 100% safe; skin friendly; supports exercises for rehab, stretching and strength training; suitable for all age groups.
  • 3 expanders/grippers with different resistance levels; yellow hand gripper - light tension, pink hand gripper-medium tension, and blue hand gripper- heavy tension (choose the one depending on the level of resistance you want).
  • 8 finger holes - soft yet durable; non slip and ergonomic; fits in large or small hand - suitable for both men and women; improves grip, blood circulation, strength of the forehands and flexibility of the fingers.
  • Best for strengthening forearms, hands and fingers - suggested for guitarists, pianists, musicians, sportspersons, to improve their finger grip and hand condition; best strengthening resistance band for computer users and people suffering from disorders like arthritis, triggered fingers, wrist injury, surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis etc.
  • Light in weight and easy to use - can be carried and used anywhere; simplest exercise with quick results; easy to clean – wash with soap and water; adjust its stickiness by dusting baby powder- only if required; perfect for home exercise or clinical use.
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HealthAndYoga(TM) Hand Strengthener and Exercisers are made from skin and Eco friendly silicone gel. It is a premium grade and latex free material. Unlike other plastic strengtheners that are hard and harmful to skin, this one is totally plastic free and is soft on hands. Its daily use will not cause any burns, blisters or bruises. It is suitable for men and women of all age groups and is the best and the most effective gripper or stretcher recommended for rehabilitation, injury and strength training.

Equipped with ergonomic design and 8 durable, long-lasting finger holes HealthAndYoga(TM)’s Hand Strengthener improves grip, blood circulation, flexibility and strength of hand, forearms and fingers guarding against RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), carpal tunnel, rheumatoid arthritis, trigger fingers or any such occupational injury. There are 3 expanders with different resistance levels to help restore that iron grip, your confidence and to improve daily life functions. Helps recover from surgery or strokes. The yellow hand gripper is meant for light tension, the pink hand gripper is meant for medium tension, and blue hand gripper is meant for heavy tension. Perfect exerciser for home exercise or clinical use and is suggested for recovering patients suffering from wrist tendonitis, wrist injury or surgery.

Best for tennis and golf players, musicians, hockey players, Jiu Jitsu, guitarists to improve their finger grip and hand condition. This HealthAndYoga(TM) Hand Strengthener and Exerciser is easy to clean - you just have to wash it with soap and water if it is dirty and dust it with some baby powder to adjust its stickiness (only if required). Compact and light in weight can be carried or stored anywhere.

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