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As Jala Neti or the ancient art of sinus irrigation becomes increasingly popular, this section explores how Jala Neti has been tremendously beneficial in various aspects of living.

While some of the articles are constantly refreshing updates on experiences of real Neti pot users, other articles touch upon how neti is especially relevant in these times, not just for sinus infections but for a range of seeming unrelated health disorders and addictions.

No wonder then that Neti continues to grow not just in the Western world but globally.

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  • Neti Updates : As we continue to sell neti pots, we are delighted to hear of the real time experiences of long time sufferers and how neti is bringing about deep changes in their endeavors towards improved health. We bring these to you through constantly refreshing updates on this page.

  • Neti & Glaucoma : It is known in the Yoga world that the practice of Neti is beneficial to the eyes. Glaucoma the disorder mostly characterized by high eye pressure may be treatable to some extent through this. Though there is no medical evidence to this effect, this article explores why people suffering from this condition may like to give Neti a try.

  • Neti & Nasal Drops : An interesting article that explores the tremendous potential of Integrative medicine. Rather than classifying any medical system as good or bad, it explores how a practical balance of the two approaches may provide desired and prolonged relief.

  • Swine Flu & Neti : As swine flue ravaged the world, governments were caught clueless on how to control this epidemic. There may be some merit in considering how neti could serve as a wonderful preventive and safeguard us against this dreaded disease.

  • Lifestyle Issues Affecting Upper Respiratory Health : A detailed treatise for people who are serious about making long term changes in a bid to improve their health. Often people suffer from chronic conditions, so troubled that they are willing to do anything to correct this. Yet, they are clueless on how to go about it. This article provides the answer; truly educative and no-nonsense, it can make a big impact.

  • Neti Pot & Yoga : Long before Neti took the Western world by storm, it has been a well established practice existing for centuries, but popular among the Yoga community. What is it that makes them practice this? Surely it cannot be just a sinus remedy. Why is this cleansing practice given so much importance in Yoga? This article seeks to explore this dimension and in it, lie the clues towards our betterment.

  • Neti Pot & Smoking : Believe it or not, neti can help in mitigating several addictions. Smoking is one such addiction that is addressed through this practice. Why and How? This article seeks to explore just that.

  • Neti Pot & Colds : Well evident and in fact the #1 reason for its popularity in the Western world. So effective has it been for sinus infections that it has been featured on TV shows. But how exactly does it work as a sinus buster? For those interested in getting under the hood, here is the low down.

  • Sutra Neti : A more powerful way of nasal cleansing, this technique uses a string to clear out blockages. Although it should be learnt under supervision, this article provides suitable information for the aspiring learner of the technique.

  • Neti for balanced breathing through nostrils : Have you ever wondered on the need for two nostrils? Or have you ever been aware that at any time, one nostril always appears �more open� than the other and this phenomena actually alternates. The ancient yogis understood this and the deep significance behind it; which makes neti even more relevant, beyond sinus infections.

  • Neti and Pregnancy : Pregnancy is one time when you�ll have even the most passionate of medicos advising you to keep off medications :) Neti provides an answer not just as a preventing for sinus infections but for more. Read on�

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