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Enema Related Information

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Enema Related Information (Articles)


Enema Bags or Enema Cans?
Most people are not clear whether the enema kit should have an enema bag or an enema can. Enema Bags have several disadvantages. Read more…


Is enema really natural?
Enema is as natural as brushing your teeth. You don't worry about the naturalness of brushing your teeth because everybody is doing it everyday More...


Death Begins In The Colon - Part I
There is an epidemic in our society, and it has to do with the gastrointestinal diseases that we develop within us as a result of the food that we eat. I am referring to diseases such as Crohn's, Colitis, Diverticulitis, and other diseases of the intestinal tract. More...


History of Enema
An Enema cleans up the colon and induces bowel movements. The process of enema requires liquid that is forced with a low pressure into the rectum through anus. Enemas have been in practice from ancient time More...


Coffee Enema (Chicory-Free Coffee)
Coffee plays a very important role in making recipes for enema. Coffee plays a very relevant role in detoxification; it is a proven fact, and people have been using this with enemas from ages. As we know, enema is one of the oldest method used to make our body function well More...


Colon Cleansing
Nowadays, people are getting more aware and cautious about their total health - both external as well as internal health. Colon cleanliness is very good for problems concerning bowels, the intestines and digestion related health disorders More...


Enema and Constipation Cure
Constipation is a very common disorder found in people around the world. This problem can arise from several things like eating habits, less drinking of water, using a lot of drugs, and many more. Constipation is associated with the bowel movement, when people have difficult and painful bowel movements. It causes More...


What do enemas have to do with healing and keeping the body healthy?
Accumulation of toxins in the body, either metabolic or environmental, form conditions that make us very prone to develop certain diseases. Toxins are a very intense health problem and the fact remains that they form easily but getting them out from the body is a difficult process. More...


Enema Safety
There are many different opinions on the use of enemas in our society. Although, many have a negative impression about enema, however, it is not a fact; enemas are very safe and good for our internal health. More...


Enema and Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is a holistic, natural way of healing many disorders. Essential oils are the most important part of aromatherapy; in enemas too, essential oils play an important part in healing the colon. More...


Anal Fissures and its treatment with Enema
When the anal canal gets hurts or some damage is done, it results in Anal Fissures. This anal problem mostly occurs due to the overstretching of anus, chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel or any other disorder that results in an inflamed anus. More...

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