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Travel Enema Bag Kit
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Foldable Travel Enema Bag Kit
  • Cheap Enema Option for regular Enema users;hygienic & clean Enemas
  • Complete Kit:Plastic Travel Enema Bag,PVC Tubing,Clamp & Nozzle
  • Plastic enema bag:Transparent with visible liquid level marking to control quantity of liquid
  • Press Clamp:easy single hand operation; freely detachable PVC tube of size 1.5m
  • A bag can last for 10 times unlike cheap thin bags;Individual bags & Tubing set available
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Enemas are a natural method to clean colon and keep your body safe and detoxified. Enemas help in removing all the toxins and harmful elements out of the body. Regular users of Enema find it difficult to have enemas while travelling. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with the superior economical kit. This kit is very compact and easy to carry along. It does not require much space to keep it along.

Travel enema bags are made of high quality plastic with level marking. This marking helps in viewing the amount of liquid.

Tubing set consists of PVC 1.5m, clamp and nozzle. Tubes are completely detachable. To maintain hygiene, it is advised to use separate tubing set with same enema bag. They are easy to use and clean. Always rinse the tube before and after use. Tubings and Bags are available separately too.

Item Photos Price
Foldable Travel Enema Bag Kit Travel Bag USD$ 8.50
Foldable Travel Enema Bag Kit Set of 2 Travel Bag USD$ 9.95
Foldable Travel Enema Bag Kit
Travel Enema Bag Kit
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"Very happy with the quality of products that I purchase here. I have purchased products from Health and Yoga for sometime now and love everything that I receive plus the price is very reasonable. "

28 Dec,2017

from Frederick , -- Select Country --


"Longtime repeat customer and as always I was very please with my purchases and delivery time.
Descriptions for the enema kits and tubing could be more specific however as it can be difficult to work out the exact differences between the various product options.

01 Sep,2017

from Cork , Ireland


"I was impressed with the quick delivery this time. My last order took awhile. "

16 Mar,2017

from Mont Tremblant , Canada
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