7 Elemental Yoga Energy Retreat - Hatha Yoga Retreat in Goa, India Cheap/Affordable Beach, Eco Friendly, North Goa Yoga Retreat - Singles, Couple, Group Retreat

Elemental Yoga Energy Retreat
Location of Retreat
:   Goa, Goa
Yoga Type
:   Hatha
Retreat Type
:   Yoga, Meditation
:   Beach, Eco Friendly, North Goa
Guest Suitability
:   Singles, Couple, Group
Timing/ Duration
:   All Years
:   EUR 1350
Price Classification
:   Cheap/Affordable
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Each day will begin with an early Elemental Energy Yoga Class that takes you into different themes of Natural wisdom and energetic development. They are often revelatory experiences as our Elemental balance is being reshuffled through particular asanas, mudras, music, mantras, pranayamas, visualisations, movements and meditations. After a healthy breakfast, there is an interactive and dynamic lecture on a host of subjects, from 5 Element Theory and The Seasonal Cycles, to Pratyahara, Yoga as Medicine, The Subtle Body and Vital Energy. The lectures aim to reveal the maps and guidelines for using Nature’s wisdom to help reveal your own. These Lectures contain a mix of information and practical experiences and demonstrations of how to read and work with your own Elemental balance. An invigorating morning will end with a vitalising lunch from the Mandala Kitchen, and then the afternoon is free for you to take long walks and swim at Mandarem`s tropical beach or embrace the random energies of India`s highly approachable local Goa. Mandalas garden is a super chilled place for down time too. When the warmth of the day is fading, an afternoon gathering will offer somatic practices, creative writing, improvisation, and dance processes, bodywork sessions and open interactive time. You will be free to participate in any open forums, or free to just observe as the days whim takes you. Early evening we will be practicing together in the Dome, drawing from a variety of Elemental Energy techniques, restoring the energy systems to a complete rest and rejuvenation. The Yin approach to every afternoon is vital to the next days endeavors, and are relaxed yet highly insightful practices.  

The Nomadic villas are perfect for a couple, either alone or travelling with children. They are also suited to friends travelling together. These highly original, open-plan rooms are breezy, light and spacious. They have been crafted from natural woven bamboo and wood and have been carved by a talented team of artists with the concept of creating a space which compliments its surroundings, without sacrificing any of the comforts. The tents are suited to couples or singles. Each sleeps a maximum of 2 people. There are seven Maharajah-style tents of varied shapes and designs. They are located in the lush coconut grove in close proximity to the communal bathroom area. Each tent is fitted with a lockable safety cabinet, a single or double bed (subject to requirement), mosquito nets, fan, and an outdoor seating area. These sleep one to two people in uncompromized comfort They share tastefully designed, clean and hygienic communal toilets and showers, set in the middle of abundant greenery. Perfect for the ultimate back to nature experience.

Hosted in the inimitable Mandala Retreat Centre, with a choice of accommodation styles in the Bedouin tents or the Wagon-Roofed chalets, the Mandala playground holds an outdoor cinema, sunrise Yoga Dome, riverfront Shala, all in a sprawling garden where you can rest in the shade, or chill in the echoed lights at night, being served simply some of the healthiest, tastiest food in Goa. The Mandala is a place of serendipitous magic and is an experience all of its own: a place to investigate modalities, music, and movement.

"I have not before experienced Yoga like this. To have understood how I limit my body with my thoughts, then to have found a way to work with those thoughts, has taken my Yoga practice to a whole new level. The wisdom is definately within.", Lisa Hickinbotham, Uk

Getting There:
The nearest airport is Dambolin Airport in south of Goa. It takes approximately 1h20 minutes from the airport to the resort.

Food Options
Vegetarian and vegan dishes with fresh, seasonal, local produce being the keywords. We also have a health juice bar serving a wide variety of fresh and healthy concoctions to give you the boost you need to enhance your perceptions of life, the universe and everything! The healthy and creative menu has been carefully compiled by the owner who has extensive culinary travel experience and seeks to combine flavours from around the world whilst maintaining a home cooked unpretentious approach. We try our best to cater for any special dietary requirements.

Pricing & Terms ( Including Cancellation )
The price is €1350 and it includes accommodation for 10 nights. Two meals a day and all the classes.

What to expect?
10 days of a unique approach to yoga, immersion into Nature and Goan lifestyle. Transformation, creativity and empowerment is definitely on the cards.


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