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Infant feeding Spoon | Pulpy Juicy Food Spoon Set

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  • Baby feeding Combo is a safe and harmless spoon to feed the little one with ease
  • Set of 2 spoons made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR), BPA free material, and is anti-bacterial
  • Ultra-soft, curved edge design of the tip helps avoid nicks and spillage of food while feeding
  • Easy to clean and handle. It is dishwasher safe; also it can be boiled and sterilized
  • Ideal Size: Fits baby’s mouth easily, perfectly suitable for liquids as well as semi-fluids
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The infant feeding spoon is a must have, when you have small toddlers running around at home. The amazing thing about this set of spoon is that it is BPA free and non-toxic making it safe and hygienic. The spoon is ideal for use as the shape and size of the spoon is designed to fit every infant’s mouth. Ultra-soft tip/dipper helps to protect baby’s developing teeth and gums and avoids nicks. Material used for the dipper/tip of the spoon is TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and for the handle, material used is PP (polypropylene).

Caution: DO not bleach the product as it may affect the product hygiene.

Store in a dry & clean place. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.

Avoid baby gnawing.

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