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Infant Syringe

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  • Bulb Syringe is made of thick durable & natural Rubber. Has Capacity- 4 fl.oz
  • Nozzle is made of smooth plastic of length 2.5 inches. Will not hurt the infant.
  • Due to low volume of water inserted, it works only on the lower part of the rectum, not the upper colon.
  • Suitable to administer on infants, to get relief from chronic constipation.
  • Please take expert/doctor's advice before using it for young children.
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Very Mild Enema for infants
Infant Bulb Syringe is made of thick and natural rubber. It is durable and comes in an attractive red colour. It is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic derivatives in the market.

The Nozzle is made of smooth plastic and has a robust tip without any barbs. It does not irritate the child's soft skin. The nozzle is attached to the bulb using a press-fit system. This prevents any leakages during the procedure.

The Infant Syringe Bulb has a very low volume of only 4 ounces (about 119 ml) liquid. Due to such low volume of water inserted, it works only on the lower part of the rectum, not the upper colon. This makes it safe to be administered on babies to relieve chronic constipation.

Before administering enema on any child ,don't forget to take expert/doctor's advice.

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  • Bulb Syringe Volume - 4 ounces (about 119 ml )
  • Nozzle Length- 2.5 inches
  • Can be cleaned effortlessly with soap and warm water.
  • Please consult doctor before doing enema on a child.
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  • 1/16/2023 4:38:31 AM

    , United States

    Have recommended this enema bulb syringe to others.
    Great price.
    Given enemas to toddler and older one with it.
    Cleans easy.
    Easy to give enema with it.

  • 6/12/2018 2:58:41 AM

    , United States

    I have used the 3 oz and the 4 oz of this bulb for giving home enemas.
    It is easy to administer a enema with it. Durable. Nozzle comes off for easy cleaning of the nozzle and the rubber bulb after giving a enema.

    It says "Infant Syringe" but can be used for toddlers and older child.

    Always clean well after each use with warm soapy water. Rinse well with plain water. Air dry for a few days before putting up.

    Other reviews people have complained about the quality of the bulb and the nozzle. I have had no problems giving enemas with this bulb.

    Recommended it to other moms many times. They have purchased it and told me they had no problems with it.

    I read some comments about this bulb having mold black substance on the inside of the rubber bulb. This is caused by not cleaning it properly and letting it sit out for a few days, I left mine sitting out for about 5 days or so. Never had any black mold in the bulb part.

    It is easy to give a enema with it. Can refill the syringe with one hand. Easy to squeeze.

    I now have the higginson syringe for home enemas.

  • 3/13/2015 6:32:39 PM

    Coatesville , United States

    Arrived on time. Can`t talk about quality because I bought it as a gift for someone.

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