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Little Toe-Protectors with Bunion Pad - 1 Pair

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  • Ultra Soft Toe Guards: Made of Silicone; Thin Profile Design: Comfortable to wear with shoes.
  • Protects from the Bunion Discomfort and blisters; Reduces pressure on affected area.
  • Stretches and aligns Pinky toe; Increases blood circulation.
  • Anatomically designed to comfortably conform to the shape of the little toe.
  • Reusable; Flexible shell cushions; Washable.
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Sometimes we ignore the ache and issues we face in our pinky toe. But it tends to redness, swelling and blisters when it rubs with the shoe.

When Pinky toe is distorted, it brings lots of issues with it. Tailor bunion can be healed by other methods but Silicone guards are the best to use to alleviate all of discomfort caused by a tailor bunion.

These toe protectors are specially designed to fit onto the little toe. The toe protectors cover the entire side of the little toe, cushioning it to prevent rubbing while wearing shoes, thereby protecting the toe from inflammation and redness which ends in severe pain.

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