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Lotus Mala

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  • Genuine Lotus Flower Seed Strand
  • 108+1 beads ; Good for Meditation and Wearing .
  • Influences the first chakra - Anahata Chakra. This mala has a rejuvenating effect on the wearer.
  • These power seeds, help the wearer attain wealth and prosperity .
  • Lotus Seed Bracelet also available ; Shipped worldwide .
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Genuine Lotus Seed Bead Strand
Malas are great tools to aid in meditation. They have been used over centuries by beginners as well as experienced practitioners of meditation. They help in creating a proper mindset and mood for meditation. Helps focus the ever wandering mind on one point.

The mala beads are moved in rhythm with the breath and the mantra. This practice helps both-sleepy as well as excessively distracted mental frame to be balanced during meditation. The malas when used regularly with a personal mantra, absorbs the vibrations of the practice.

Lotus seeds are oval and have a smooth matte brown color.

They are known for their cooling effect. Lotus is believed to reduce pitta imbalances. Mantra invoked on a lotus mala abounds in spiritual wealth.

It has rejuvenating effect on the wearer. It is considered good for first chakra issues.

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  • The lotus seeds help in improvement of speech and concentration.
  • Length: 85.5 CMS
  • Bead Size : 9-10 MM
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  • 7/27/2021 2:55:24 PM

    Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

    Both Mala, Rosewood and lotus seed Malas arrived safely and in good condition, SInce it was an international courier, it did take some time. Thank you for the updated emails for the purchase. Love both Malas.

  • 12/10/2020 6:06:26 PM

    Moab , United States

    I really appreciate the integrity and quality of your business. Each time I have ordered malas, they come quickly and are very well made. I had an issue on my last order when I didn`t receive an order number at the time of placement, and I contacted you the follow day and this was quickly remedied. Thank you and I do recommend Health and Yoga to my friends.

  • 11/6/2020 4:33:24 PM

    Bangalore , India

    The product quality is really good. Happy, that they all came in individual bags of right sizes, which makes it all worth the money.

    Really impressed with vaijayanti mala.

    4/5 for quartz malas because I felt the beads could have been slightly bigger. But, short is cute and the quality of beads is really good. So, no complaints at all. The diamond cut is really something I like.

    Delivery was fast and within time.

    If you can make more innovative stylish affordable bracelets/pendants out of any of these. It would be great.

  • " Just wanted to express my appreciation and share my wonderful experience with everyone... I discovered less than two weeks ago when I was searching for malas. Their prices seemed amazing based on my research, so I ordered a lotus seed mala from them. The customer service was friendly and incredibly prompt, and I rece...ived my mala yesterday. It's simply beautiful, wonderful, spectacular and just what I needed!! No cracked or broken seeds, well-knotted, and absolutely lovely to hold and pray / chant / meditate with!! I can hardly put it down!! It adds such power and beauty to my prayer / devotional time. To say that I'm extremely thrilled and impressed with this company and their products, based on my experience, would be a vast understatement!! If you want a high-quality mala at a fantastic price from wonderful people, look no further!! I'll be back for two more within the next few weeks! Brightest blessings and namaste to everyone! "
    Kim, Burnsville, NC
  • " My order arrived quickly, was packed very well and the product was fantastic. The lotus seed mala is my favorite. Though I bought it for meditation, I wear it every day and get many compliments. Both of the other malas were exceptional as well as affordably priced. I will buy from this site again! "
    Sage Sexton, Alhambra, CA
  • " I must say that I've been looking for a quality pink lotus seed mala and have been unable to find one UNTIL I recieved the one I ordered from you. Every single one of the seeds is in perfect condition. Whereas the lotus seed malas I've ordered through other companies, usually have at least 3 broken or cracked seeds. So needless to say I'm glad I finally found a place (you) who sells quality lotus seed malas at extremely affordable prices. Thanks "
    Todd Gaines, Tucson, Arizona
  • " I was very, very pleased! The website was easy to shop on. The price was very reasonable. The shipping was quick and hassle free. But, the japa mala beads, absolutely beautiful!! I was so happy with the quality and loveliness of the beads. I thank you, so very much! . "
    Robin, Anniston, AL
  • " The Lotus beads came in a timely manner. They are very good quality and have great energy. I love them. Thanks. "
    M.L.D, Paso Robles, CAL

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