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Lotus Mala With Saffron Mala Bag

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  • Lotus Seed Mala + the Saffron Mala bag
  • Mala bags are considered sacred and are used to store your Mala (prayer beads) away from public gaze.
  • 108 + 1 Genuine Seed beads. Suitable for Meditation and Storing in the Bag.
  • So now practice meditation with Lotus Mala and then store it in the mala bag. Helps to conceal the mala while doing japa (Mantra recitation) while moving the beads.
  • Build your spiritual energy with Mala Meditation and keep it under wraps with the Mala bag.
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Lotus Seed Mala + Saffron Mala bag.
Malas are great tools to aid in meditation. They have been used over centuries by beginners as well as experienced practitioners of meditation. They help in creating a proper mindset and mood for meditation. Helps focus the ever wandering mind on one point.

The mala beads are moved in rhythm with the breath and the mantra. This practice helps both-sleepy as well as excessively distracted mental frame to be balanced during meditation. The malas when used regularly with a personal mantra, absorbs the vibrations of the practice.
It is to save these vibrations , it is advised to store the mala in the Mala Bag.

Lotus seeds are oval and have a smooth matte brown color.

They are known for their cooling effect. Lotus is believed to reduce pitta imbalances. Mantra invoked on a lotus mala abounds in spiritual wealth.

It has rejuvenating effect on the wearer. It is considered good for first chakra issues.

Mala bags are considered very sacred. These bags are used to store japa mala (prayer beads) away from public gaze.

Mala bags are also used to conceal the mala while doing japa (reciting your mantra) while moving the beads.

The bags are big enough to fit the hand as well as be able to rotate the mala inside it comfortably. Saffron Mala bag has a printed image of Krishna and Radha .

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  • The lotus seeds helps in improvement of speech and concentration.
  • Length: 85.5 CMS
  • Bead Size : 9-10 MM
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  • 5/20/2016 7:11:50 PM


    More beautiful that I could have imagined. Very long! But very pleased that I made this purchase.

  • 11/17/2014 3:07:40 PM

    Kerala , India

    I like the lotus mala very much and got it in very good condition.Thankyou very much

  • 4/20/2014 5:10:26 AM

    Fredericksburg , United States

    I love my bracelet and the lotus mala is looooooong! Much longer than I expected. But I love it and have aleady gotten a couple of nice comments on the bracelet. Thank you. I will order again.

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