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NatureSooth Wood Thumb Saver Massager

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  • Handcrafted Wood Massager- Eco-friendly, chemical-free, polish-free & skin-friendly. Skillfully crafted, effective, and looks like an art piece.
  • Ideal for trigger point massage to soothe stiff and tired muscles. Easy to apply intense pressure with thumb, without actually straining the thumb. Provides deep tissue relaxation and muscular pain relief. Easy to use.
  • Strategically designed with hand-molded thumb well. Has a classic finger grip with deep ridges. Close finger wrap allows an effective secure and tight fit. It has a smooth surface for effortless movement. It can be used with oil, cream or butter. Fits all hand sizes.
  • Provides 3 different holds for masssage: Original Hold- good for large and medium muscles of back, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves; Reverse Grip Hold- good for hard to reach areas; Fingertip Hold - for areas requiring less pressure like neck, upper forearm, or the joints (elbows, knees, or ankles).
  • Effective point massage tool for deep tissue massage and trigger spots. Stylish, light-weight & portable. Versatile- can be used directly on skin or clothing. Low maintenance- just clean with warm water. Available color – natural wood. Product length- 13.5 cm, Thumb well- 7.5 x 3 cm.
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This Thumb Saver Massager has a classical finger grip, to ensure that one is able to exert enough pressure that is effective on core muscles. It has been strategically designed and hand-molded for a comfortable and handy grip. The deep finger ridges and the thumb well of this scapula fits all hand sizes. You can now apply different pressure levels without straining your thumb. Moreover, its smooth wooden finish without any rough surface, ensures that you can glide it easily over one’s skin. It will not poke or prick or bruise anyone .

Based on the Pressure Point Massage Technique, this Robust Wood Thumb Saver Massager helps to relax core muscles and reduce pain. There are many synthetic ones in the market, but what makes this thumb saver different is its 100% natural and chemical-free material. This unique Thumb Saver Massager is made from superior quality wood naturally grown and monitored. It is skillfully crafted while retaining the wood’s original shine without any use of polish. With no chemicals or harmful polish involved in its manufacturing, it is completely skin-friendly and safe to be used with any ointment or oil. Furthermore, our artisans have efficiently worked on this eco-friendly thumb saver maintaining the wood's natural contours and patterns.

Thumb Saver Massager helps in point massage that relaxes the sorest of muscles and provides deep tissue relaxation. With three different holds, you can efficiently reach the hardest to reach trigger points.
i) Original Grip best for large and medium muscles of the back, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.
ii) Reverse Hold good for hard to reach areas or to make the grip more comfortable.
iii) Fingertip Hold for the areas that require less pressure like the neck's delicate ligaments, the upper forearm, elbows, knees and ankles.
This massage tool can be used effectively in various ways to exert different amounts of pressure to different body parts. It works well for the patient as well as the caregiver. Very easy to use tool for self use as well.

It is very light-weight, durable and compact making it very easy to carry. It has no metal parts , making it suitable for air travel check-ins. Its beautiful handcrafted wooden look, makes it look like an art sculpture. It is now possible to soothe your tired muscle anywhere.

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