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PoseAligner Yoga Resistance Bands

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

PoseAligner Yoga Resistance Bands

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  • WORK OUT BANDS - Used for gym workouts, yoga, and pilate, weight training and therapy. Made from 100% premium quality skin-friendly latex. Durable and flexible- Do not break easily. Best for regular exercise and long-lasting use. Travel friendly. Easy to carry. Lightweight.
  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLORS & THICKNESS- Suitable for all fitness levels. Pack contains bands of 5 resistance levels- Extra-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra-Heavy. Choose based on body part, flexibility, stamina and beginner or expert fitness requirements.
  • CORRECTS BODY POSTURE - Used to correct body alignment during yoga practice. This helps to get maximum benefits from a yoga practice session. Can be used for most body muscles- arms, legs, chest, glutes, and abdomen.
  • FOR STRENGTH TRAINING- When bands are used during cardio or stretches, the resistance created by them helps to strengthen muscles and bones, and build stamina. Suitable tool for strength training, physical therapy, joint mobility, and muscle recovery. Highly recommended for general stretching.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL- Effective elastic loops help to achieve overall fitness goals and can be used by people of any age. Ideal for heavy or light workouts. Helps tone the body and hasten recovery from injuries.  
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HealthAndYoga PoseAligner Bands are a superb way to build strength and practice yoga with correct alignment.

- Pulls muscles in correct position for more beneficial yoga practice.
- Helps in reducing and preventing problems like tennis elbow, floppy upper arms, frozen shoulder and bow legs.
- Brings focus on core, leading to flatter abdomen and stronger back.
- Corrects thigh muscles by turning them inwards helping build stronger calves, groin area and preventing age related knee problems.
- Aids in rehabilitation and quicker recovery in case of injury.
- Targets smaller muscles that are often difficult to control.
- Improves flexibility and balance.
- Helps to lose weight, by reducing fat and building muscles.
- Easy to carry and store along with your yoga mat.

PoseAligner Resistance Yoga Band is made from Eco-friendly, Durable, and Skin-friendly latex. These are lightweight. Help to get more out of your workout/yoga session.

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