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Pranayama Spine Stick

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  • Made of seasoned rosewood - durable and skin-friendly; 30” long, 1.25” dia, weighs about 1 lb.
  • Opens up the chest for optimal lung capacity utilization during Pranayama.
  • Helps align spine and maintain its optimum erect curvature during seated postures.
  • Helps build strength of spinal ligaments and tendons while firming up the back.
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Pranayama has immeasurable benefits in Yoga. It rejuvenates your body cells and slows down the breathing process to energize the life force. Pranayama means giving energy to ‘prana’ (life). It improves your overall health.

But to reap the benefits of Pranayama, we not only need to maintain a right breathing pattern but also a proper posture is required to be maintained. Apart from right breathing pattern, a right posture is the key to success while doing any variation of Pranayama.

The wooden Pranayama spine stick is made of seasoned rosewood. It has a length of 30’’ inches and a diameter of about 1.25’’ inches, weighing around 1 lb. (500 gm). It is scientifically designed to maintain a correct posture while practicing Pranayama. It helps to create better alignment for your back.

The stick helps to maintain the natural curves of the spine. These curves include a mild forward curve (gentle backbend) in neck and lower back and mild backward curve in upper and mid-back. If these curves flattened or overly curved, they can result in to abnormal body postures or curves. Most common posture abnormalities are hunched upper back (kyphosis) and extreme curve in the lower back (lordosis) which may result into many painful issues- back pain, muscle strain, disk problems and joint pain, etc. A correct posture prevents all these health issues.

The wooden pranayama spine stick is easy to use- just place it under the upper arms behind your back. It not only maintains the correct Pranayama posture but also expand the chest fully which gives the lungs maximum space to expand without any discomfort, thus it also maintains required breathing patterns.

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