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PVC Enema Catheter - Set of 10

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

PVC Enema Catheter - Set of 10

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  • Suitable for deeper and better enemas
  • Varying thickness (diameters) for individual comfort. Assorted varieties.
  • Economical single use Sterilized PVC type. Rubber latex colon tubes type – 2 Types.
  • Deepezer style available for retention enemas
  • Both closed-ended & open-ended styles for individual preference.
  • Quantity

  • US$ 10.00


We supply colon tubes in sterilized PVC and rubber latex.

Our PVC tubes are recommended as they are sterilized and economical to use as single-use tips too! Always gives a more hygienic feel

Latex colon tubes are available in various sizes.

Colon Tubes, also called "Tips" or even Catheters are inserted from the anus, through the rectum to deliver your enema solution into the colon (large intestine).

Colon tubes are often preferred to traditional nozzles for insertion. This is because, nozzles don’t go deep enough, are often uncomfortable due to their stiffness and even result in “leaks”.

Colon tubes, on the other hand, deliver the solution deeper into the colon for a deeper & thorough cleanse. They are more comfortable & also recommended for high enemas & therapeutic enemas where it is necessary to deliver the liquid higher up.

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What thickness should be used?

Very personal. Although some naturopaths seem to suggest a thicker colon tube as preferable, we have found that most often people prefer thinner tubes. The reasons are several:

For one, people are generally uncomfortable with thicker objects inside as it tends to be more uncomfortable. A thinner tube simply slides in quite easily.

Another important reason is that thicker tubes have larger openings which can result in a sudden large volume of liquid into the colon, which can cause cramping. The thinner tubes let in the liquid more gently, thereby minimizing the chances of cramping.

( What does FR size mean? )

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  • 2/15/2024 4:31:23 AM

    Garfield , United States

    I purchased a stainless steel pot last summer & have been very satisfied with it. I expected the new one in January to be the same, but it is 1.125 inches shorter & can`t handle a full quart of liquid. See photos. Construction is fine, but size is not.

  • 1/18/2024 9:23:55 AM

    GLOVERSVILLE , United States

    GREAT products and great prices. Thanks so much!!!

  • 8/28/2023 10:30:43 PM

    Chicago , United States

    I have not yet used the items but am confident they will be excellent. I noticed that most catheters are blunt cut at the tip whereas in the past they had beveled edges making them smoother to use. I am always on the lookout for a return to the softer edges. Thank you! Your products are lifesavers!

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