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qLoop Copper Tongue Cleaner

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World wide Reviews of

qLoop Copper Tongue Cleaner

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  • Made from 100% pure food grade Copper – Has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties making it ideal for oral hygiene; Handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans; Smooth finish ensures safe and quick tongue scraping.
  • Ergonomic Design - Wide and elongated loop for more comfort and coverage. It reaches till the back of the tongue with ease to cleanthe entire tongue surface without any gagging or scratching.
  • Single Hand Use – Has only one handle and can be used like a tooth brush. Handle has an anti-slip grip that provides a good balance and control.
  • Natural Mouth Freshener - Regular tongue cleansing removes smell causing food debris, white coats and decaying microbes from the tongue surface; Improves oral health, prevents tartar build up, reduces bad breath, and enhances taste.
  • Light and Durable - Easy to carry and store; Unique and attractive design.
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Bad breath can be a big put off for the people you meet affecting your confidence. Bad breath also signifies, that there is lack of proper oral hygiene, which may lead to cavities, tartar build-up , receding gums, plaque and oral ulcers. But the good news is bad breath can be easily managed and controlled by regular tongue cleansing habits. Using the tongue cleaner after brushing of teeth should be a part of one’s daily routine. Tongue cleaning especially with a copper tongue cleaner which has anti-microbial properties, helps remove food debris and white coats from the tongue.

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  • 1/4/2024 8:49:22 PM

    Allentown , United States

    Everything was packed safely and it arrived quickly. The toothpaste is always great and the tongue cleaner works well!! Thank you!

  • 4/21/2023 11:01:11 PM

    Glenside , United States

    Tongue scrapper is excellent.
    Comb is great.
    The bristles on the toothbrushes are great, unfortunately the wood has absorbed the smell of the plastic from when it is heat sealed in its protective bag. You must change your packing method for the toothbrushes to a hand zip closure because all these toothbrushes will smell and taste like plastic.


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