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Rubber Reaction Ball

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  • Made of superior quality rubber, has six rounded sides to ensure irregular bounce
  • Improves reflexes; hand-eye coordination, reaction time and peripheral vision
  • Great prep tool for sports; tennis, baseball, volleyball and cricket
  • Help improve motor-sensory skills and decision making
  • Durable and gives same bounce in any season
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Agility and good reflexes are required to excel in various activities like in our job, playing or doing yoga. Also, our busy and sedentary routines, our reflexes slow down or age faster. Taking all these things into consideration, the Rubber Reaction Ball has been designed as a handy, easy to use and very effective device. It is made of superior quality rubber so can be thrown too hard against hard surfaces and be comfortably caught bare-handed.

It is strategically designed, has six rounded surfaces to ensure irregular bounce or to cause the ball to leap and pop randomly. Practicing with such a device effectively improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Its use builds the motor-sensory skills and gives a better perception of the depth which improves the peripheral vision.

It is a great training tool for various sports like baseball, tennis, volleyball or cricket. It is flat free so no need to inflate and the rebound remains same in any season. More you play with it, the more agile you will become.

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