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Rudraksh Bracelet

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World wide Reviews of

Rudraksh Bracelet

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  • Handcrafted by local artisans with high quality beads – holds 27 beads of the Rudraksh.
  • Known as Shiva’s tears – worn to way off negative energy
  • Brownish red wrinkled seed – lowers blood pressure and create stability within your body; related to the Heart Chakrat
  • Considered a good omen – talisman for good health – enhances positivity
  • Rudraksh bracelet is tied together in an elastic thread – fits everyone
  • Quantity

  • US$ 6.95


This Bracelet made of high quality Rudraksha mala beads. The bracelets when worn on your wrist, touches your skin and which helps in lowering blood pressure as well as forming stability.

The beads have rough surface but yet smooth on the skin thus would not hurt your skin. They are handcrafted by local artisans with lot of care and then bind together with an elastic thread so that it can fit every wrist easily.

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  • 12/17/2020 7:35:12 PM

    Bangalore , India

    All products were good. Liked them all.

    However, vetiver bath scrub and neem wood tongue cleaner seemed much more pricier than local shops.

  • 1/13/2017 2:44:45 AM

    Brisbane , Australia

    The order took way too long to reach me... I placed this order in September and received it in January.

  • 2/19/2015 7:48:25 PM

    Dr. Santanu
    Tyler , United States

    Very nice product and well packaged.Thank you.

Worldwide Reviews


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