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Silicone Foot Care Essentials

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  • 8 pc Set has Pairs of Little Toe Sleeve, Toe Separator, Heel Protector & Toe Band
  • Offers relief from bunions, hammer toe, calluses and general pains due to footwear
  • Little Toe sleeve protects shoe rubbing; Heel Protector relieves heel ache gently
  • Silicone Gel-Toe Spacer & Big Toe band Prevent itching & swelling of toes
  • Silicone Super-soft Items - Flexible, White, Easy to Wash, 1 Pair for Each of the 4 items
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After longs hours standing or wearing new shoes or running & walking for long time, such activities induce unbearable ache in our feet. This ache actually effects out further routine making us uncomfortable. To heal this ache, we can take precautions or prevention as well. This kit has 4 gel based products which are made of silicone. They are free size.

Heel protector band helps to take care of your heel while wearing heeled shoes or standing for long hours. This band bears all the pressure that weight exerts on our feet keeping it pain-free. It can be worn under shoes as well.

Little toe sleeve is a wonderful product to keep little pinky toe safe from rubbing of shoes. Also it helps in preventing Bunions . Toe space soothes the itching between toes and keeps tailor foot, thickened heel and swelling away. Toe straightening band helps in keeping the toes straight and away from deformation. Also the tight band keeps the foot diseases away.

These all are white in color and made of baby-soft Silicone. The kit helps protecting the delicate skin of the toe and heel. All are very gentle on skin. They are easy to wash with soapy water.

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