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Spine and Lower Back Support Kit

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  • Two options: A Vertebral Support for full spine length AND Small rectangular Support for lower back.
  • Straps for adjustable fastening; can be worn easily over under clothing.
  • Protruded nodes of support the spinal vertebrae and lumbar region with gentle pressure to heal aches.
  • Comfortable to use anytime and anywhere whether in office or sitting idle in home.
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Living modern lifestyles, we often find ourselves suffering with different pains like headache, back ache, spinal pain and many more. Of these, problems related to the back seem to be very common.We need an aid to heal our pains and relax ourselves.

This spinal support kit offers a suitable solution for back and lumbar issues.

This support kit is provided with two types of support pieces, one for full length spinal vertebrae and another exclusively for the lower back. They both can be comfortably used as per requirement. The small rectangular shaped support piece is used to heal the lower back pain and the full length spinal shaped piece provides comfort to the tentativeness and aches along the spine length.

This clinically designed support kit relieves pain in the spine and back area. The unique shape of the nylon vertebrae and back piece is in the form of nodes that exert gentle pressure just as the fingers of an osteopath. They are designed to work with your own spine and lower back.

Completely safe, the long piece may take a little practice in working to wear it rightly.

This product is strictly prohibited for children under 12 years old. It should be used over light clothing.

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