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Stainless Steel Baby Bottle and Sipper

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  • Made from supreme quality and pure steel - 304 food grade, hygienic and BPA free; stainless - no rusting; no plastic or harmful material used - safe and chemical-free for use; Preserves nutrients; leak-proof stainless steel collar and stainless steel cover to prevent spill.
  • Soft high quality and pure food grade silicon nipple - 100% eco-friendly; entirely safe for your child; flexible and durable for comfortable sucking- does not break or damaged easily; anti-colic formula with tiny air vents allows airflow- prevents air from going in baby's tummy; minimizes unwanted colic hiccups and uneasiness.
  • Electropolished inside- doesn't impart or retain flavors of the liquid; ergonomic design for an easy and comfortable grip; silicone sleeve for anti-slip grip- safe for baby; skilled manufacture- uniform steel thickness throughout; accurate measurement for the nipple and spout- mimics natural mother feed and fit in their tiny mouth.
  • Multifunctional bottle – can be used as a feeding bottle for newborn and as a sipper for kids; one silicon nipple and a silicon spout sipper provided with the bottle; use it to give nutrition to your baby by filling milk, water, or juice; nipples with the variable flow can be used- depending on the baby's intake and age.
  • Light in weight easy to carry and travel - no leaking when tilted; dishwasher and freezer safe - easy to clean and store; durable and stain-resistant- long-time shine; quick and easy to assemble; slim and sleek design; ML marking imprinted on the bottle; available color silver with a florescent green sleeve; bottle capacity 180ml.
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Use this multifunctional qualitative stainless steel and sterilizable feeding bottle to give nutrition to your newborn. Made from 304 food-grade supreme quality and pure steel, this feeding bottle is entirely hygienic and BPA free. The steel used is stainless and is 100% rust free. No plastic or harmful material is used in manufacturing, making it safe and chemical-free for use. The body of this stainless steel bottle preserves nutrients of the liquid put in. The stainless steel collar is designed in such a way that it prevents leakage. Moreover, the stainless steel cover is tight enough to retain heat and prevents the spilling of the liquid.

This stainless steel baby bottle has the best and high-quality pure silicone nipple. The nipple is soft, and the silicone used is of food grade. Being chemical-free, it is 100% eco-friendly and completely safe for your child. The flexible and durable nipple is specially designed for comfortable sucking, and does not break or damaged easily. Besides being robust, this feeding bottle is also strategically designed based on an anti-colic liquid formula with tiny air vents allowing airflow. In return, this formula prevents air from going into the baby's tummy, minimizing unwanted colic hiccups and uneasiness.

The bottle's inside is electropolished, which retains the flavors of the liquid. Its ergonomic design makes the grip easy and comfortable for a child. For extra support, we have introduced a silicone sleeve for an anti-slip grip that can be detached if wanted. This skilled manufacture has a uniform steel thickness throughout. The nipple and spout's accurate measurement mimics the natural mother feed and fits in the baby's tiny mouth.

Being a multifunctional bottle, you can use it as a feeding bottle for a newborn and as a sipper for kids. The pack contains one silicone nipple and a silicone spout. Provide nutrition to your baby by filling milk, water, or juice. Nipples with the variable flow can be used depending on the baby's intake and age.

Being light in weight and easy to carry while travel with no leakage when tilted. Easy to clean with a dishwasher and is freezer safe to store. This baby bottle is durable and stain-resistant, maintaining shine. Being quick and easy to assemble, it is best to travel with, so include it in your baby care kit.

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