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StretchNHeal Wooden Yoga Exercise Stick

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World wide Reviews of

StretchNHeal Wooden Yoga Exercise Stick

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  • Supreme Quality - Handcrafted from robust naturally grown wood- durable and best for long-term use. Chemical-free polish is used to give the stick an attractive luster.
  • Detachable Stick and Unique design – 2 parts screwed together; can be easily assembled. Each piece is 61 cm long. Full length when assembled- About 122 cm or 4 feet.
  • Sufficiently long and Smooth - Rounded even surface of 1.25 inches; Nice length for intense physical exercise workout and to comfortably wrap arms around the stick without facing any shoulder or chest discomfort. No sharp edges - Ends are rounded ensuring safety.
  • Multipurpose and Effective – Helps straighten upper back. Opens up the lungs for fuller breathing. Builds strength of tendons and spinal ligaments while correcting the body posture.Aids in opening the chest and enhancing shoulder mobility.
  • Compact- Easy to dis-assemble and can be carried anywhere. Light-weight. Available in Natural color.
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Buckle shoulder, hump, or slouch back can affect your overall body posture and self-confidence. But this detachable wooden Yoga stick is the answer to all your physical posture-related problems. This top-quality product is made from robust, naturally grown, and monitored wood, ensuring nature's safety. This spine stick is durable and best for long-term use. Its surface has a chemical-free polish used to give the stick an attractive luster.

Unlike others, this is a detachable stick with a unique design. The 2 parts can be easily screwed together and be assembled for use. This is a comfortable and skillfully shaped Mobility stick with an even surface and has a thickness of 1.25 inches. Despite making this detachable wooden dowel stick useful, we have ensured no sharp edges that could hurt anyone, and it is finished with a trimmed round end.

This multipurpose and useful yoga product gives proper stretch and mobility to shoulders and back also builds strength of tendons and spinal ligaments while correcting the upper back posture. This yoga pole aids open chest for optimal lung capacity utilization during Pranayama. Being easy to assemble and disperse, you can carry it anywhere.

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  • 8/3/2023 3:33:00 PM

    Ghaziabad , India

    Use this stick during morning yoga, magical result now my soulder is feeling strong and inline pose. Thanks Health and yoga for this magical stick.


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