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TipGuard Mallet Finger Splint

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  • HEALS FINGER INJURIES- Straightens 'Baseball Fingers'. Protects by immobilizing the distal inter-phalangeal joint (DIP).
  • MALLEABLE ALUMINIUM SUPPORT - Can be bent for desired alignment. Gives rigid support.
  • WELL FITTING - Hook and loop fasteners provide a firm grip and make it easy to wear and remove.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR LONG TIME WEAR- Ethafoam cushioning is skin-friendly and does not irritate the skin.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT- Suitable for post operative and fracture care of the distal phalange. Universal Size.
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The mallet finger is a condition of finger deformity, which occurs when the extensor tendon gets damaged and the DIP joint becomes abnormally flexed.

TipGuard Mallet Finger Splint is designed to treat and correct the mallet finger deformity. It supports the distal inter-phalangeal joint (DIP) in hyper-extension, while allowing the free movement of the proximal inter-phalangeal joint (PIP). The splint provides immobilization, desired alignment and protects the finger from further injury.

TipGuard is light-weight and has coated malleable aluminium body that can be bent to suit any finger and provide rigid support.

The anatomical and practical design of TipGuard is best suited to maintain the required hyper-extension of the DIP joint. Comfortable and easy to wear or remove.

The Ethafoam pad enhances comfort and is easy to clean and maintain. TipGuard has adjustable hook loop Velcro fasteners for close fitting and excellent grip.

It is user-friendly, can be worn during various activities such as sports, swimming and keyboard use, etc. It is recommended for post fracture care of the distal phalange.

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  • Universal size - 2-4 Inches
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  • 5/26/2017 7:00:16 PM

    Wellington , United States

    Simple, easy to use. Finger not irritated and comfortable to wear.

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