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Toe Separating Feet Bands – (1 Pair)

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  • Medical grade Silicone toe separating Band provides immediate pain relief.
  • Restores and aligns Foot anatomy treating Bunion Splint, Tailor Foot & ball of foot.
  • Prevents Surgical Treatment; Can be worn under shoes or bare feet; Reusable.
  • Bunion pads increases the spacing between big toe and other toes.
  • One Size fit all, Flexible, Breathable through holes on the band; Easy to clean.
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Toe separators prevent the Hallux Valgus surgery by restoring foot anatomy and diminishing bunion swelling. They are comfortable while wearing shoes, walking and working out. They cover most bunion needs. This toe separator is made of high quality Silicone which is very soft on the skin. It soothes the irritation between the toes. With age, our feet bearing constant weight, tend to get deformed. Toe separators are rather helpful in maintaining the alignment of the toes. They should be used in routine life for comforting feet and toes. This can help revive and restore any deformity.

They are breathable through air hole vents and easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped and rinsed easily. They have longer life as compared to others.

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