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Toilet Seat Covers set of 10

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  • High quality, skin friendly tissue - Seat cover that is Disintegrable after use.
  • Helps avoid skin contact with dirty surface of toilet seats; Useful to carry in public places.
  • Simply open & place over dry toilet seatas per directions.
  • Compact in size; Convenient to carry and easy to use - Comes as set of 10 sheets.
  • Very safe and necessary for your Intimate Hygiene to avoid skin diseases.
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“Prevention is better than cure”

This is a very famous saying regarding health. But many times we become so frivolous and avoid taking hygienic care for which we have to pay hard.Using common toilets in public places can cause many serious skin diseases as there can be many bacteria or virus on the toilet seat and sitting on them without using tissues can be really harmful.

It is advisable to use this Toilet seat cover every time you use public toilets. These toilet seat covers are made of high quality tissue sheets which are easy to carry and dispose.

They are very easy to use: Lay a sheet of the disposable toilet seat cover on the brim of the pot before sitting on it.Please make sure the seat rim is dried before placing this disposable sheet. Place sheet and sit on it. Once you are done, just flush. The sheet is automatically sucked in and disintegrated rapidly in water, leaving no trace of its usage.

Take good care of your intimate health with Toilet Seat Covers!!

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