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Travel Bidet

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  • UPSIDE DOWN ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Made to be held upside down, It includes narrow angled neck for comfortable continuous stream of relief in the right spot
  • PORTABLE BIDET: Use it for your personal hygiene with comfort without using your hands just by the power of the spray
  • C-SECTION USE: Easy cleaning during limited mobility recovery without putting pressure on soreness or incision
  • It is great for Home and travelling. Best for old people who have to use the bed side commode
  • FILL AND USE: No power, No battery is required. Perfect for when you're on the go and you want to take the benefits of a bidet with you for better experience
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This Travel Bidet is the perfect solution for when you're on the go and you want to take the benefits of a bidet with you for comfort and easiness. No batteries are required; simply fill the bidet with water, point, and spray. It is small enough and light in weight to store in purses, backpacks, and luggage.

It includes additional holes in the nozzle for increased spray volume as well as additional reservoir capacity of up to 450ml. Toilet paper in public restrooms is typically low quality and not so hygienic. This travel bidet is a compact, handheld bidet that can keep your butt fresh and clean wherever you go. It is big enough to hold the perfect amount of water and small enough to fit inside your desk, car, and purse.

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