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Vetiver Neck Roll

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  • Hand made of Vetiver grass
  • Naturally fragrant & healing. Excellent for neck support & alignment
  • Helps relieve fatigue & neck pain
  • Stimulates Relaxation due to acupressure effect. Provides cooling effect
  • Sedative Properties help overcoming sleeplessness
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Vetiver is a spongy grass found only in select regions in India. It is a natural aromatic healing herb and its oil is extracted for its healing properties.

The neck roll is made of the the complete grass without oil extraction. This retains the natural aromatic fragrance as well as enhances the healing & cooling properties of the root.

Although the roll is to be used dry, even sprinkling the neck roll with water and then resting with the roll under the neck, not only enhances the fragrance but also provides an air-conditioning effect, especially suited for those hot days when the heat becomes unbearable.

As you lie on it, the neck roll provides a mild prickly acupressure effect in the beginning, which soon stimulates relaxation as the nerves get stimulated.

The natural sponginess helps the roll adjust to the contours of your neck, so you would feel comfortable with the neck roll under you for hours together.

A wonderful & useful eco-friendly health tool to have in your closet!

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