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Yoga Mat Carry Slings - Natural

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  • Durable, super quality slings; made from 100% Cotton and hemp - resistant to bacterial growth; best grade dyes – eco- friendly no uses of harmful chemicals - safe and toxic-free; thick material- no heavy metal buckle or hook.
  • Comfortable slip-on design loops that grasp the mat on two ends- good grips and can fit any yoga mat; excellent and robust lockstitch sewing technique- giving required flexibility and tolerance- will not tear off or unravel, seam finish
  • Light in weight and versatile, best to travel and carry yoga mats- thoughtful design helps air move out from the mat, hemp in the material reduces foul smell and bacteria, regardless of germs and sweat - hygienic.
  • Multifunctional clever slings - accommodates picnic blankets and other heavy stuff, doubles up as a resistance strap- improves yoga poses ensuring deep stretches; stylish and aesthetic look; delicate restful texture for shoulder comfort - skid-proof grips.
  • Standard size- fits most yoga mats; durable and machine washable- long lasting; product size- 1.5 inches width, length- 56 inches; suitable for all heights; Choice of available colors.
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Bid farewell to those bulky alternatives that occupy space and instead, add these easy to carry yoga mat slings in your shopping list. With multifunctional clever slings adding style to your yoga and workout sessions. Made from 100% flexible cotton mix with hemp makes these superb quality slings abuse and bacteria resistant. The natural anti-bacterial property of hemp reduces foul smell regardless of germs and sweat, thereby maintaining hygiene.

No uses of harmful chemicals and ONLY best grade dyes have been in its manufacturing making these straps safe and toxin-free. With no addition of heavy metal like a buckle or hook, these eco-friendly yoga mat carrier slings get their character of being light in weight and are your best travel buddy. The comfortable and adjustable slip-on design loops of these slings automatically tighten themselves when the yoga mat or some pressure sets on them. Ensuring excellent and fit grip, these sleek Yoga Mat Carrying Slings can hold any yoga mat.

These original slings not only help carry mats but can accommodate picnic blankets and other heavy stuff. When not in use as a carrier, use the sling as a resistance strap to help improve yoga poses and deep stretches. The high quality of the fabric used makes the material thick and prevents any injury. Moreover, the excellent and robust lockstitch sewing technique gives these slings the required flexibility and tolerance.

The seam finish won’t let the material tear off, and this no-unravelling formula provides these carriers with slings a stylish and aesthetic look. Besides the durable material ensuring a long life, it also happens to be a delicate restful texture that provides the shoulder skid-proof and comfortable grips. Unlike other carriers, this thoughtful design helps move air out from the mat. The standard size of the carrier slings fits most sticky yoga mats. These low maintenance slings can toss it in a washing machine for a quick wash.

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