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Yoga Sand Bag - Black

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  • Made of 2 bags - Heavy duty cotton exterior bag and Inner waterproof sand holding bag
  • Comes Unfilled - Weight can be adjusted as per sand quantity filling;
  • Bag is machine washable and Zippered to prevent leakages.
  • Outer bag has handles for easy maneuverability and dexterity in use
  • Size: Outer – 44cm X 19cm; Inner-43cm X 18cm
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To deepen your postures yoga bags can be used as they add weight, such as on thighs in hero’s pose and reclined leg stretch. A sandbag on your abdomen brings awareness to the muscles involved in breathing. This can be used under the feet for a hamstring stretch or used under the buttocks for lift in seated poses.

These bags are leak-proof with a two layer design: outer cotton layer is machine-washable and zippered. Inner zippered liner holds filler and keeps everything intact.

Our sand bag is not filled. You can fill it yourself with whatever you want, it can be play-sand or dry goods as rice. The inner and outer of the yoga bags have zips so that you can easily fill the bags which allows you to adjust the weight. They are very easy to wash.

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  • 1/22/2020 10:07:07 PM

    Washington , United States

    Review not Provided.

  • 3/6/2018 2:23:14 AM

    Ann Arbor , United States

    Thank you the product is just fine. Now for the sand!

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