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Yoga Stability Essentials

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  • Yoga Trio: PVC dotted Yoga Socks, PVC dotted Yoga Palms & 8’ long Yoga Strap
  • Made of Cotton; Black color, Straps are designed for people with lesser mobility
  • 2 Metal rings at each end for easy fastening; Strap builds flexibility while practice
  • PVC dots in Palms & Socks provide Anti-Slip grip preventing injuries on foot & Palms
  • Pair of Palms &Socks: Black Color, Made of Blended Cotton, Machine Wash safe
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Yoga has tremendous benefits. It has touched the life-style of plethora of people around the world. People have witnessed the goodness that Yoga has induced in their lives. We at HealthandYoga, keep on introducing to Yoga practitioners suitable Yoga props for a superior practice. This Yoga kit considers basic complications and difficulties that people face during their Yoga practice sessions.

This kit has pair of Yoga Socks & Yoga Palms along with a Yoga Strap.

Sometimes without these props, while practicing, we face the fear of getting physically hurt like injuries, strain or even losing balance which actually restricts us from performing our poses with full flexibility. That makes our practice incomplete and we can’t get the effective results.

In this kit, PVC dotted Yoga socks and palms provide a firm grip between surface and feet / palms, while the Yoga strap takes care of full flexibility while practicing Yoga. Also these props help in performing Yoga Postures correctly with full stretching without the fear of injuries and strain.

Yoga strap allows flexibility with customized and gradual pace while practicing. Strap is made of non-stretch cotton and is 8’ long. Yoga Socks and Palms maintain the body-balance and spine alignment. Wearing them, Yoga practice can be easily performed on any surface like grass mats, cotton Yoga mats etc.

All the 3 are black in color and can be used by men and women. They are machine washable or can be hand washed. Always remember to dry them naturally.

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