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About HealthAndYoga.com

HealthAndYoga.com has been conceived as a platform for everyone who is associated or would like to be associated with yoga and natural health.

In that we have developed this website with several services, something for every segment.

These services have helped HealthAndYoga reach millions of families AND over 100,000+ satisfied customers around the world, with personal contact being a continuing hallmark of its existence

What is HealthAndYoga.com?

Our main site focuses on the subject of yoga and natural health from a beginner�s perspective. Herein, one can be expected to find information on different aspects of yoga, meditation and at the same time stay tuned with assorted articles on the subject. An interesting aspect is the presence of very beneficial and low cost yoga & health tools that you will find here.

The HealthAndYoga.com RetreatPlace is an ever-growing selection of yoga retreats and holidays from all over the world. It is conceived as a single meeting point for retreat & holiday owners and seekers.

Likewise, HealthAndYoga.com MarketPlace presents you a selection of the most cost effective and unique products available from a choice of quality conscious suppliers. Whether for your individual need OR for your studios, you can choose products in a competitive marketplace, with the satisfaction of a double guarantee � one from the supplier, which is further backed by the HealthAndYoga guarantee.

The HealthAndYoga Community Service offers yoga teachers, studios, events and websites an opportunity to make themselves known within the community and offers several on-going features.

The HealthAndYoga Job Module is perhaps the biggest initiative in the World aimed at helping qualified yoga teachers hook up with possible recruiters on a global platform.

The CertificationPlace at HealthAndYoga.com is a one-stop platform for seekers to choose from a variety of Yoga Courses and Certification Programs available worldwide. It is a platform where promising schools and teachers worldwide can put information about their teaching programs.

HealthAndYoga Services have been created with a genuine desire to help reach Yoga to the most diversified segment so that each can derive benefit in its own unique way. To this end, we are immensely satisfied to mention that we have sustained our FREE Online Consultation Service through qualified experts - right from inception. This, despite the huge load it has placed upon our resources in view of the rapidly growing traffic.

HealthAndYoga Web Services help tech-phobic yoga teachers and yoga studios tap the Internet opportunity at a fair price. Likewise with the launch of our Yoga for Children & Corporate Yoga services, we hope to extend the gamut of HealthAndYoga Services even further.

The HealthAndYoga Inbound Yoga Tour Services into India have been designed to provide the World visitors a �genuine� taste of yoga, including Ashram stays, in the World Capital of Yoga.

With a broad vision, HealthAndYoga continues to evolve. Please keep visiting back to know of exciting developments that will be announced here from time to time.


" Your web site is a gift. It is so easy to navigate and filled with so many informative articles I return again and again. And thank you so much for the newsletters. They are great and I always look forward to receiving them. "

R.Bey, Monroeville, PA

What we hope to achieve?

Yoga despite being widely prevalent all over the World, remains a fragmented and disorganized offering. Through HealthAndYoga.com, we hope to organize the World�s information on Yoga. We hope to make HealthAndYoga.com increasingly valuable to all people who have the remotest yet diversified interest in yoga and natural health.

By facilitating this, we hope that we can help yoga touch more people�s lives in a more meaningful way � from the toddler to the senior most of World citizens.  

What is our structure

As an organization, HealthAndYoga.com has been conceived as a family, where the members believe in the yoga value system. The one common link running through all is a positive attitude, one that promotes cohabitation and one backed by strong ethics and humility. But, perhaps the most important thread that runs through all is a genuine love and concern for all those who associate with us at HealthAndYoga.

Yoga teachers are the backbone of our assorted activities. From creating and supporting the content to conducting corporate workshops, they lend their hand to the entire gamut of activities.

Computer professionals and content managers remain dedicated to connect us to you in a manner that is most convenient and pleasing to you while providing a vital basis for ongoing development activities.

Relationship and support staff constantly strive to serve and comfort you in the most optimum manner. We try to do so in accordance with yogic principles of humility that we always try to imbibe and remember.

We see our Admin team as true Karma Yogis that ensure smooth operation and peace in the Organization at all times.  


HealthAndYoga.com draws inspirations from several learned personalities who we believe are the real preceptors of this vision � many of whom may not be even aware of the unfolding at HealthAndYoga.com. To name a few,

Dr. Jayadeva & Hansaben of the Yoga Institute, Swami Satyananda Saraswati ji, the founder of Bihar School of Yoga, Swami Omananda Saraswati, Ma Gurupremanda Saraswati and Swami Anandakapila. We are eternally grateful to the path they have shown us.

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