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Types of Enema

Enema varies according to the temperature of the water.

Cold Enema:

50ºf-65ºf (or 10ºC-18ºC). It is helpful in decreasing fever and it is also beneficial in inflammatory conditions of the colon especially in cases of dysentery, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis and hemorrhoids.


a. Don't turn on the Enema nozzle fully. Take 10-15m. time undergoing Enema practice.
b. In the case of ulcers and hemorrhoids, take 10gm of dried Neem leaves (powder) boiled in 1 liter of water, & then allow to cool. Strain this water and then use. To buy this invaluable herb for enema, Click here

Warm Enema:

97oF-100oF(or 36oC-38oC) is recommended for general fitness and well being once a week. It helps to cleanse the rectum of the accumulated tassel matter. This is not only the safest system for cleaning the bowel but also improves the peristaltic movement of the bowels and thereby relieves constipation.

Hot Enema:

104oF-115oF (or 40oC-45oC) is beneficial on sudden occasions such as stoppage / obstruction of tassel matter and intestinal gas in which you may also feeling be mentally uncomfortable.

Hot Water Enema is beneficial in relieving irritation and pain due to inflammation or rectum, painful hemorrhoid. It also helps leucorrhoea in women.

It is also beneficial in general abdominal pain, abdominal pain due intestinal gas and pain of kidney, liver and spleen.


a. The quantity of water used should be � - � liter and the enema duration should be for 10mins.
b. In the case of ulcers and hemorrhoids, boil 10 gm of dried neem leaves (powder) in 1 litre of water, & then allow to cool. Strain this water and then use.

Graduated Enema:

In graduated Enema the amount and temperature of water is slowly decreased up to the 15th day. It is started with 2 liter of water and decreased by 125 ml per day up to 125 ml. on 15th day. In the case of temperature , it is slowly decreased from 100o F to 70o F (i.e. 2o per day). It is highly beneficial in cases where intestines are over dilated and it improves the intestinal function.

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