Meditation Book by Dennis K. Chernin, M.D.
Meditation Book
  • Author : Dennis K. Chernin, M.D.
  • Includes both Theory & Practice
  • Meditation Book
  • Includes Misconceptions & Medical research
  • Explores various meditation techniques
  • Focus on Chakra, Kundalini Meditations
  • Teaches Important Breathing techniques
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Almost all of us have heard that meditation works great for stress, concentration and so on. However, we have only a very superficial idea of how it works and more specifically how to go about achieving successful meditation.

"How to Meditate Using Chakras, Mantras and Breath" serves to answer all that and much more. A pioneering effort by Dr. Chernin, it has been recognized for its clarity and direction in providing an improved guidance to the beginner as well as the experienced practitioner.

This book is complete in that it gets into the theory of meditation without getting overly complicated and follows it up with detailed practical guidance to get the most out of meditation.

Theory Highlights:
  • Overview of the goals of meditation - A detailed understanding on the whys of meditation.
  • Kinds of meditation - Different forms of meditation are described from both Eastern and Western perspectives.
  • Misconceptions about meditation - differences between meditation and concentration, contemplation, and prayer are clarified
  • Benefits - We explore the emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits of meditation
  • Application - The personal qualities that should be cultivated to begin and sustain the practice of meditation PLUS the importance of applying the principles of meditation to daily activity are dealt with.
  • Medical research - the benefits of meditation in areas related to stress response, controlling high blood pressure, and helping depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are clearly outlined. This will greatly motivate the beginner.
  • Understanding stress response - The mechanism, followed by a detailed description of how meditation and breathing techniques help us better control the autonomic nervous system and other brain functions helps in managing stress in an informed way.
Practical Highlights:
  • Using powerful objects of concentration - A clear direction on how to use objects such as chakras (energy centers in the body), mantras (subtle inner vibrations), yantras (specific geometric shapes), and the breath (control of energy or prana within the body) is provided.
  • Preparation - We focus on the techniques used to prepare the body, breath, and mind for meditation.
  • Breathing techniques - These (pranayama) are discussed in detail because these breathing exercises have many important functions in the process of meditation. Includes descriptions of several sitting postures used during meditation.
  • Kundalini awakening - Kundalini is an extremely powerful latent energy and as it rises through the chakras during meditation, physical, psychological and spiritual transformations occur. There are specific techniques that help to activate this energy in the body (kundalini).
  • Accompanying audio CDs (optional) - These audio techniques systematically lead the practitioner through various phases of the meditation can be used in conjunction with or separately from this book. To read more on the audio CDs,Click here.
The actual meditation technique is divided into several phases so that readers can systematically and slowly develop their own practice at their own speed.

It is designed so that a person can choose to practice simple diaphragmatic breathing and breath awareness to relax and focus his/her thoughts.

The reader can also choose the greater complexity of using mantras and concentrating on moving energy through the Chakras with the goal of experiencing more expanded states of consciousness.

For any learner wishing to experience the powerful effects of meditation, " How to meditate using Chakras, Mantras and Breath" is a complete treatise that will help in understanding and putting into practice the powerful tools to gain optimum benefits.

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Meditation Book
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