The Meditation Audio CDs (Set of 2)
The Meditation Audio CDs (Set of 2)
  • Progressive Learning Experience
  • 4 separate meditations included
  • Set of 2 audio cds
  • Om Mantra interludes
  • Focus on Chakra Meditation
  • Help experience inner calmness & joy
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These audio meditation techniques have been specifically designed to systematically lead the student into a more relaxed and deeper states of awareness.

They have been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years.

There are four meditations presented in these CDs. Each of the four meditations follows the same sequence before they progress to the next complexity leve.

Before each of the four meditations, there is a prolonged presentation of the powerful mantra OM that lasts about two and one half minutes. The world famous drummer, Muruga Booker plays the background drums and cymbals for this part. This serves a vital role to create the right meditative mood and a sense of relaxation to effortlessly flow into the meditative state.

A person may decide to stop at any phase or may want to work with the more detailed practice.


CD One

Introduction to Meditation

Preparation for Meditation - Om with Drum and Cymbal

Meditation One - Focusing on the Sixth Chakra

Preparation for Meditation - OM with Drum and Cymbal

Meditation Two - Raising Kundalini

CD Two

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation Three - Visualizing all the Chakras

Meditation One - Focusing on the Sixth Chakra

Preparation for Meditation - OM with Drum and Cymbal

Meditation Four - The Complete Meditation

How to proceed?

All the meditation techniques presented may be proceeded separately or in conjunction with the Meditation book.

It is recommended to spend at least two to four weeks on each meditation before progressing to the next meditation practice. The mantra used in this meditation is the universal mantra OM.

It is important to become familiar with the geometric form of the Chakras or energy centers described in this meditation. To help with the visual images of the Chakras, one can refer to the front cover of the CD.

If used together with the book, the four meditations in the CDs have been integrated into the seven phases of meditation in the book in a seamless maneer to gain the maximum out of each of the meditations.

These audio cds will undoubtedly have a very progressive effect and will help you experience deep inner calmness and joy. If persisted with it is intended to ultimately lead you to a sense of expanded consciousness.

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How to meditate using Chakras, Mantras and Breath"
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The Meditation Audio CDs
The Meditation Audio CDs (Set of 2)
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