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    Women Health Tools Yam Creams   ProMeno Wild Yam Cream  
Women Health Tools - Yam Creams
  • Yam Creams & Salve
  • Contain Wild Yam as the active ingredient.
  • Help manage menopause and PMS symptoms
  • VitalVulva to be applied to vaginal area
  • Promeno to be applied to body
  • 100% chemical free
  • Non toxic
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Having understood the need to menopause herbally in the Previous Section, let's go about understanding how best to achieve it as well as find natural relief from PMS.

The ProMeno cream and Vital Vulva salve of MoonMaid Botanicals are path breaking alternatives in treating symptoms of menapause (menopause), PMS, dry and thinning skin, etc.

They are 100% chemical-free alternatives that are completely non toxic without side effects.

Who Should Use?

ProMeno is for menopause, peri-menopause or PMS This is a product which will help a woman get in touch with her own rhythm. This tends to be quite empowering for most.

The VitalVulva is used for thinning vaginal tissue, a huge problem for menopausal women or for lubrication during intercourse any time this is necessary. Women who struggle with PMS also tend to be dry right before their period. This is, of course, appropriate for them.

These products are completely natural alternatives for the symptoms of menopause, PMS including early menopause symptoms and PMS signs and symptoms.


The ingredients of ProMeno and VitalVulva areWild Yam, Comfrey and Vitex infused in Organic Olive Oil.

Vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils are the only preservatives used. Only natural ingredients are used.

All the oils, herbs and other ingredients used are Organic or Wild-Crafted.

How it is made?

The cream and salve utilize the powerful properties of the Wild Yam Herb through natural extraction.

Wild yam is put into an oil base and warmed. The properties of the yam are extracted into the oil, similar to making a cup of tea. This oil is blended into a cream with essential oils and herbs and natural preservatives to be applied to the soft tissue areas of the body.

Herbs, oils, essential oils and flower essences are combined to create products that represent the synergy of all elements of the herb kingdom. The utmost care is used during production.

To ensure freshness all of the products are Handmade in small batches.

How to Use?

The VitalVulva is a salve designed to heal and sooth the vaginal area and is applied directly.

The ProMeno is a cream, used on the body so that it is absorbed into the bloodstream. For menopause a woman would apply the cream Once or Twice Daily when she is not bleeding. If no period, she may use it everyday. There is no fear of toxicity or overuse as is the case with progesterone creams. You, also, do not have to rotate where it is applied.

For peri-menopause it may be used the same way but may not have to be used quite as many days. For PMS it is used mid-cycle to menstruation.

How it Works?

It affects the hormone levels by raising progesterone levels thereby balancing estrogen levels. Though the wild yam in this product has not been converted into progesterone, and does not directly convert into progesterone in the body it has a definite effect on the progesterone levels of the individual.

Herbal formulas do not give the body an exact hormone, nor do they convert into progesterone when applied. These phyto-estrogens and phyto-progesterones gently assist the body in normalizing hormone levels.

Due to this method, there is no fear of toxicity or side effects unlike in the case of adding synthetic hormones directly.

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Why These Products?

These products are completely clean and safe for any woman to use. As compared to most other products that call themselves "natural" these products truly are. There are absolutely no synthetic ingredients of any kind. Vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils are the only preservatives used.

Relieve your symptoms of menopause and PMS �naturally!!

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