7 Kerala Retreat with Ayurveda & Yoga

Kerala Retreat with Ayurveda & Yoga
Location of Retreat
:   Kottayam, Kerala
Yoga Type
:   Sivananda
Retreat Type
:   Yoga, Ayurvedic
:   Mountain
Guest Suitability
:   Singles, Couple, Group, Youth
Timing/ Duration
:   Round the year!
Who should go for this package? :
People who want peaceful surroundings, splendid nature, personal care and a homely atmosphere, healthy food, ayurveda and yoga.

People who want to be away from the humdrum of the commercialized tourist spots, yet close enough to be able to enjoy Kerala.

  • looking to be in touch with yoga practice;
  • looking for authentic and purist Ayurvedic treatments
  • who want to experience the other, nature-rich face of Kerala
  • want to explore local Kerala culture and cuisine.
  • want some peace and private atmosphere amidst verdant nature.
  • want a personal touch to their stay.
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In this package we offer you
~ Unique experience of a small, quiet, Kerala home-like stay set on a breathtaking hilltop location and amidst verdant nature, with a 3600 view of the valleys.
~ Stay under the personal care of an extremely simple and hospitable staff.
~ Opportunity to enjoy the true, simple and local flavor of Kerala.
~ Opportunity to experience authentic and high quality Yoga and Ayurveda as opposed to the superficial 'touristy' programs.
~ Extremely healthy and nourishing food grown in the own gardens and milk from own cows.
~ Opportunity to experience simple and fun activities like feeding chicken; milking the cows and even experiencing cooking in the local style.
~ Visits to the rubber plantations and the 100 year old local temple
Other activities that are available on request
~ visit the famous backwaters for a houseboat stay ride or then just a speed boat ride.
~ Cultural programs and dance

All in all a package which offers improved health, yoga, provides personal attention and ample leisure time to experience local life and nature including its beautiful backwaters.

About the Holiday :

This is suitable for people who want to get away from it all, yet are not looking for commercial touristy and impersonal care.

With a mansion converted to a quiet centre almost like a homestay, this holiday offers an authentic Ayurveda and Yoga rejuvenation package right at the doorstep of the mesmerizing nature of Kerala

It is located in Kottayam, a haven of peace and tranquility at the land of sea, lakes, rivers, natural beauty and wild life! The package brings you close to nature and in the heart of the land of ayurveda.

The home-styled estate is located just outside Kottayam town, but away from the noise and pollution of the city. Set on a hilltop, surrounded by densely vegetated valleys, you could very well spend all your time on your hammock gazing at the mesmerizing sunset...

This package begins from your pickup at Cochin (Kochi) Airport and ending with your drop back to Airport.

This is a 6 Night / 7-day package that can be extended or customized as per your need.

It includes:
- Pick up on arrival
- Stay in centre in a totally non-polluted atmosphere
- full board farm fresh meals
- 2 yoga sessions daily
- Meditation sessions
- Daily authentic Ayurveda sessions
- Visit to the rubber plantations and a 100 year old family temple
- Drop back to airport for flight back home

All of this in the comfortable "non-touristy" set up where you will always feel at home.

Specifically designed as a "non-package" kind of holiday, this trip will provide you enough flexibility to learn about, experience and explore the Kerala of your liking, while experiencing a homely feel.

From the time you are picked up on arrival and dropped to your hotel, till your departure back, your stay would also keep you connected to holistic health nurturing treatments.

You shall be virtually in the lap of nature amidst verdant nature.

At the estate, you will find cleanliness and pure water for which Kottayam is famous. While you can be always sure that drinking water is purified by boiling in medicated bark, you can try quenching your thirst with tender coconut water or sweet toddy. In an attempt to be eco-friendly, food is served on plantain leaves and use of plastic is avoided wherever possible.

All rooms are spacious and comfortable, with private bathrooms. The estate attempts for an eco-friendly environment by maximizing the use of solar power.

Spacious and quiet Yoga Hall where you will feel truly connected with your practice.

The Ayurveda centre is a certified Green leaf centre awarded to the highest quality centres in Kerala

Tasty, farm-fresh, Ayurvedic food is served according to the prescription. Herbal entrees are provided that incorporate the wonder of Ayurveda.

All the guests are privileged to have free consultation and and advice from eminent ayurvedic consultants. Special health package is available for home-stay guests.

  • Wonderful outdoor and informal dining areas helping you to enjoy nature fully.
  • Cooking classes for guests, those who are interested
  • Internet facility & TV

Getting There:
Nearest Airport : Cochin (Kochi)
Other International Airport - Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram)
Nearest Railway Station - Kottayam

Food Options
Sattvic Food (Vegetarian)
South Indian specialty, curd etc

Advice and Precautions
Do not entertain unsolicited strangers.

Cancellation Terms
Amount forfeited
a) More than 30 days: 20% of tour cost
b) 15-30 days: 30% of tour cost
c) 7-15 days: 50% of tour cost
d) 2-7 days: 75% of Tour cost
e) Less than 2 days or Cancellation/changes during the tour - No Refund

What to expect?
  • Authentic Yoga and Ayurvedic Treatments, Kerala culture and Nature.
  • Simple (not opulent) place where you will enjoy the simple pleasures of home like homely food, simple and caring staff; yet without the intrusion into your privacy as can happen in some homestay experiences


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